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Kaleb Schwade – Networking Doing Good Things
June 14, 2007, 3:40 am
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A friend of mine in Tampa pointed me to this particular story this evening which has apparently has caught the attention of people worldwide. Josh and Kristy Schwade are the parents of Kaleb Schwade, a little 6-month old baby boy who is in intensive care due to Shaken Baby Syndrome. Kaleb is fighting for his life after a child care worker shook him so violently, he is now blind and fighting to live. It is estimated that every year, 1,200 – 1,400 children are shaken. Why anyone would shake a child that violently is beyond my comprehension. The interest behind this particular case, however, is that Kristy has been blogging about her son’s hospital treatment on MySpace. In doing so, she has sparked the interest, prayers, and well-wishes of tens of thousands of people worldwide.

I wanted to see just how far reaching this interest has gone: I found a news station in Oregon covering this story. There is a CraigsList posting from Colorado Springs. There was an eBay auction page in Korea selling baby furniture where the proceeds are going to support the family. There is a “Prayers for Kaleb” discussion group on CafeMom. A MySpace account, HelpKaleb!, has been set up for supporters to donate and offer their prayers and well-wishes. On this site, Kristy’s story is available for reading in English, Spanish, French, German, and Portuguese. There are links to click to offer financial support as well.

The amazing thing about all of the support is that this tragedy occurred at the beginning of May. This news has reached the far corners of the world in one month! This is a wonderful story of the power of networking. It isn’t just for career enhancement or for keeping in touch with old classmates; this is also for real human interest issues and supporting a hurting family.

If you pray, and even if you don’t, please keep this family in mind. It does my heart good to see social networking doing good things and the amount of support and prayers that this family has in this moment when they need it most.


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What a great story. I heard about the story on myspace and have been following it for 3 weeks now. I pray for him daily and wrote a blog also. People need to know about this story. NEVER SHAKE A BABY!

Comment by Tiffany

that’s one of the most beautiful babies I’ve ever seen. How tragic that this has happened.

Comment by Josie

Everyone, I thank you for sharing your thoughts, but I would appreciate it if you would not attack each other. This is not the place for it. Please take all comments on this situation to the actual MySpace account for this family. I simply placed this post here as an example of the good things that can be accomplished from social networking. Thank you!

Comment by Amybeth

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