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Linked In Answers – Not What They Intended
July 14, 2007, 3:07 pm
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Anyone checked out LinkedIn Answers lately? I don’t think that what’s happening with them is what they intended for it to be used for. I have an RSS subscription to a couple of categories – Staffing and Recruiting, and Blogging. Here are a couple of examples of the “questions” that have come through my RSS feed in the past week:

  • “I need J” (say what??)
  • “I am looking for Senior Appication Architect (Siebel). Durham , NC. Can pay 90-110K Salary , wity annual bonus + Signing Bonus. Please let me know if you have somebody who would fit in.”
  • “Where can one find the biggest elephant in the world?” (categorized under Staffing and Recruiting????)
  • “Product Manager Opportunities at **** ******!”

Let me point out that before I could even look at the responses on a couple of these questions, LinkedIn had already removed the questions. Kudos to LinkedIn for doing its best to stay on top of this catch-all, lazy method of research and recruiting.

LinkedIn has a service that will allow you to post a job opportunity. I understand the need to utilize every trick in the book to keep cost down and use free resources. But what people do not realize is that they are adding blemishes to the already pock-faced appearance of recruiting by doing this.

Also, to the best of my knowledge, LinkedIn is a social network, right? The whole idea is to develop relationships with the individuals to whom you might reach out. Using this method of “recruitment” doesn’t distinguish any kind of personal contact with people. Less and less people are going to feel compelled to respond to these kind of inquiries. I personally have noticed that the few questions I have presented have been sparse in responses because of this influx of lazy recruiting.

I have received several individual emails from a lady named Kathy Narvaez with targeted, recruiting industry-related questions she sent from LinkedIn. While I do not respond to every question, I appreciate her taking the time to send me appropriate, related questions like this. It shows personal interest in my input and that she put some time and thought into who she wanted to ask.

For anyone out there using LinkedIn Answers, here are my thoughts: don’t be cheap. If you need to post a job, invest in the integrity of your business and don’t spam everyone. Put forth the effort to make personal connections with the appropriate people. Our business is going to need a face-lift in the coming years as opportunities begin to outnumber qualified candidates.

And lastly, save the stupid stuff (i.e. “I need J”) for somewhere else.

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***blush*** thanks for the compliment….I try to not bug people about stuff too much.

But then again, when your desperate you’ll do just about anything. I just updated my RSS feeds and linkedin had a ton of questions that are in the wrong forums by a long shot. very frustrating…

Comment by kate

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