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You Never Know Where Research Will Take You
July 17, 2007, 5:16 am
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When you begin a research project, you never know just where it may take you. This was certainly the case for John Kanzius.

Sanibel Island [Florida] resident John Kanzius is a former broadcast executive from Pennsylvania who wondered if his background in physics and radio could come in handy in treating the disease from which he suffers: cancer. Inadvertently, he has found a way to burn salt water with the same radio wave machine he is using to kill cancer cells.

Kanzius was testing his external radio-wave generator to see if it could desalinate salt water, and the water ignited. A university chemist determined that the process is generating hydrogen, which can be burned as fuel.

John’s primary interest is in using this radio frequency nanotechnology to cure cancer. This Hydrogen-from-Salt Water discovery is but an interesting if not annoying detour for him.

Check out the video below and the news story from Michael A. O’Mara, Channel 3 News Reporter for WKYC, Cleveland OH.


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