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Size DOES Matter!
July 21, 2007, 10:27 pm
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Shally Steckerl and Sheila Greco collaborated last week for a webinar and Shally recently posted some of the Q&A. About halfway down the list of questions, I noticed one particular topic that has been one of interest to me over the past few months:

Q: Hope this question gets in. Do you overlap on all duties–ie. soucer/researcher/recruiter or do you separate them and just have a defined process. Or does your sourcer always/never make those initial calls. Just want to know your definitions of what you think each person should / does do as part of the recruitment strategy?

Shally’s answer:
It depends on the size of your organization, and the number of hires you are expected to complete. If you are one of a very few recruiters then you will most likely need to do both the sourcing and candidate relationship. In mid sized or large companies, with economies or scale, specialization becomes more important and there you may have different teams of sourcers, recruiters, and cold callers.

So, size really does matter! When you are operating a recruiting organization with just a handful of people, you probably will not have the resources initially to hire a dedicated researcher and everyone must pitch in to cover all the bases. However, as your organization grows it is to your advantage to invest in job specialization. This means bringing on dedicated researchers and/or investing in a research solution that is outsourced. This specialization allows for greater coverage of an industry and will allow your recruiters to do what they do best – recruit – without having to put as much time into the research portion of their job.

Thanks for sharing this information, Shally and Sheila!


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