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Main Sequence Technologies – A Model Company of the Future
July 30, 2007, 12:12 am
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I spent the last half of last week in Cleveland, Ohio working from SearchPath’s corporate offices. This most recent trip, I had the privilege to run into co-founders of Main Sequence Technologies, Martin Snyder and Bill Kubicek, at SPI‘s summer picnic. Main Sequence created the applicant tracking system that SPI uses, PC Recruiter. I have been a user of PC Recruiter since my first days of internet research back in 2002 and have watched the product evolve from a windows-based application to a powerful web-based ASP solution. I have always spoken highly of the application as well because I believe it is one of the most comprehensive contact management systems available to recruiters and HR professionals. One of the neatest things about PCR is that all the features it contains are a direct result of suggestions from the users. They take recommendations from their end users very seriously and determine what new features will be implemented based on the number of requests for new things.

Just some of the capabilities of PCR include:
  • Complete start-to-finish tracking of job orders, including interview records, follow-up reminders, and placement reports
  • Ability to dial contacts directly from the database using the MySoftPhone application
  • Import compatibility with several data sources such as SearchExpo, Hoovers, and Lexis Nexis
  • Web extensions that will allow you to turn your database into a full-service career job board that will handle candidate registrations, resume uploads, job applications, and much more
  • Outlook integration – you can sync your Microsoft Outlook schedule and email contact list with your database

Main Sequence is located just east of Cleveland, so Bill and Martin graciously invited me to come and visit their new office building while I was in town. Of course, I accepted! I had absolutely no idea of what was in store for me.

First of all, to even get into the compound in which Main Sequence is located, I had to go through a security gate check. Ritzy!! When I drove up, I was blown away by the beauty of the entire compound. Below is a birds-eye view. The fountain in the center is designed so people can actually SWIM in it. Martin pointed out the people in the fountain when he walked me around the grounds once I arrived. Amazing!

Inside Main Sequence, the atmosphere is very home-y. Martin’s dogs run around and check everyone out in the building, and there are model sailboats all over the place (a hobby of Bill’s, I believe). The chair in the reception area is shaped like a giant hand. The work spaces are very open and inviting. The salespeople are grouped together, as are the programmers, and of course the technical support folks who are on the lower level.

Martin walked me around the office, and then he took me across the grounds to the common area (the big building on the left of the photo). Inside of this common area, it’s like a big rec center. Right in the main entrance is a big reception area with comfy couches and a big screen TV. Somewhere in the building is a theater as well, complete with a DVD library. Out back, there is a big open deck for hosting parties and gatherings. Downstairs is a gym area, complete with aerobic equipment and weight machines. There is also an indoor heated lap pool and a basketball court. To the right of the entrance, there is a large dining/bar area and a banquet hall that reminded me of a rustic hunting lodge. To the left of the entrance are some private meeting rooms. A complete day-care service is 0ffered as an amenity for employees of the companies in this compound. I observed several people in the fountain with little kids when we walked by. Very cool! The thought that kept running through my mind as I observed all of this was Google’s corporate culture. Main Sequence seems to have captured this atmosphere, just on a slightly smaller scale.

When I was brought back to Main Sequence’s office building to meet the tech support team, I suddenly felt a little sheepish because I know over the past 5 years, I have called in on more than one occasion and probably been less than pleasant (I am sure each of them can attest to this!) I shook hands with Mark, Albert, and Diane. Jarrid was helping Diane out when I arrived and I did not get a chance to properly introduce myself, although I know he knows who I am! As a matter of fact, all of them knew who I was, and I wasn’t sure if that was a good thing or a bad thing.

Lesson learned here: do your best to be cordial on the phone when you call in to technical support. There are real people on the other end of the phone and you might get the pleasure of meeting them some day. If and when you do, you don’t want to be embarrassed of the way you may have (mis)treated them at some point.

I had the pleasure of sitting with Diane for about 30 minutes and getting one-on-one Q&A with her on some of the product updates. She showed me a sweet new tool that is almost done with testing and will be released to all PCR users in the very near future. She was also able to clarify some questions I had about a couple of items. Diane was overall very knowledgeable and I was happy that I was given this opportunity to have her help me out.

I was at Main Sequence for less than an hour, but I got a very interesting, and eye opening, glimpse into the backstage production of the tool I’ve been happily using for over 5 years now. I would certainly recommend PCR to anyone out there.

Thanks to everyone I met last week! You all have a great product and I look forward to seeing what new things you continue to come out with.


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Amybeth you are too kind. Those werent MY dogs !!

It was great having you over and I’m glad you got the chance to see us. Yes, work does get done.

Please also post that we are RENTERS over there (great deal, long term lease, but we would not want to even cover the property tax on that joint, let alone sign the mortgage checks !!!

Comment by bluelaser2

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