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Attention To Details
August 9, 2007, 6:49 pm
Filed under: Research, Thoughts

One of the things that makes a researcher a good researcher is paying attention to the small details. I think the SourceCon challenges are a good case in point. Picking up the minute clues, the little details involved in solving the challenges, will get you there quicker than trying to take a 30,000 ft. overview.

In addition, paying attention to details when conducting research, such as looking at the email formula of a company, or the sequences of the direct dial phone numbers, will help to lead you to additional contact information to other people within the same company.

Finally, on a more personal note, paying attention to details lets people know that you are paying attention to them and not just seeing them as another sheep in the herd. Lots of my research colleagues are Indian and have hard-to-pronounce names. Taking the time to learn the pronunciation of their name lets them know that they are considered as a friend and not just a surface-deep colleague.

That being said, I will let everyone know that my name is spelled with a small “b” and not a big “B”, as my whole first name is Amybeth, and not two words. If you care to know what my middle name is, feel free to ask (but make sure that you spell my name right when you email me!) 🙂

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