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Camping With Suzy
September 25, 2007, 5:40 am
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Suzy’s been talked about a lot recently, and she is a fabulous researcher. However, her awesome-ness goes way beyond just research, as I found out after spending the weekend with her in the mountains!

I’d never been to the West Coast of the US until joining Waggener Edstrom earlier this month. I knew my friend Suzy lived somewhere in Oregon, however I didn’t know that she was a good 3 hours from where I’d be! So coming back to Portland again, we were finally able to connect when I went camping with her and her husband Ron last weekend in the Cascade Mountains.

For anyone who is like me and thought that all of Oregon was luscious evergreen, I was surprised to hear that our campground was considered high desert. Apparently, on the east side of the mountain range, there is very little rain and therefore the climate is more desert-like. Driving out there, I passed absolutely beautiful evergreens, crystal clear lakes, and postcard-esque landscapes that just simply took my breath away. When I reached Bend, I noticed the sharp contrast with the desert-like landscape from what I’d just driven through, even though at nearly 4,000 ft. above sea-level, you can see various mountain ranges all around you in Bend. What a cute town – the downtown area is how I would picture Aspen, CO to be.

I arrived on Friday night and Ron was preparing some beef kabobs – yum! Those who know me well know how much I appreciate a good home-cooked meal since most of my meals come from either a box or a can. Suzy showed me a scrapbook of some of the things she’s done throughout her life, and in that scrapbook were photos of her with some pretty famous people, not the least of who were Sting, Aaron Neville, and Janet Jackson. I feel so boring compared to the things she has experienced, and it was cool to get to know some of the former lives of Suzy before she became an internet researcher.

Saturday Suzy and I had breakfast at one of her favorite local cafés and then we packed up my car and headed up to Lava Lake. The temperature was about 70 when we left and it stayed that way until the sun started to go down, and it got cold really quick. We set up camp, and Ron put some Cornish game hens and red potatoes on the campfire for dinner. We bundled up for a freezing night – I think the temperature may have actually dipped below freezing at some point during the night.

I have to say that Suzy’s husband, Ron, is so entertaining! He is quite the Renaissance man – he builds tables, hikes, bikes, whittles wood, cooks, and sets up a nice campsite. He and Suzy are just adorable together.

When I left on Sunday, Suzy encouraged me to take a different route home and go right past Mt. Hood and I was very pleased that I did so! I got the opportunity to see one of the tallest mountains in North America looming right in front of me. I will admit that my heart beat faster as I was driving through the valleys in Mt. Hood National Forest. I kept trying to find pull-off points on the road to get a good shot of Mt. Hood but there simply were none available. Majestic is the only word that comes to mind when I try to explain what it looked like.

Suzy and I really didn’t have a schedule for our trip. In all honesty, some might find what we did to be rather dull, but it was great for me. We ate campfire-cooked meals, toasted marshmallows (OK, that was almost all just me), and just sat around talking about all kinds of stuff. I was so pleased to be able to get to know my research colleague on a more personal level. I value all of the relationships I have formed with my research, sourcing, and recruiting colleagues, but I think it’s extra special when you have the opportunity to get to know someone on a deeper level than just work.

I think Suzy and I would both agree that one of the best parts of the weekend was just being able to leave the computers and cell phones behind and completely unplug from our “normal lives”. There’s nothing like peeing in the woods and smelling like a smoky campfire to refresh and renew 🙂 Enjoy the slideshow of some of the things we got to experience last weekend!


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What a great post!!! I had a lot of fun with you as well and getting to know YOU better was a great experience; I’m glad you had a good time.

Remember- the invite is out for this winter: skiing on Mt. Bachelor – YEAH!!!

Comment by Suzy T

hmm… i think i miss the NW now… was born in portland, raised in wash state, and started recruiting in seattle in the late 90s…. i need to make a visit up & i need to get some camping (sans electronics) goin on!


Comment by JeremyLanghans

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