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September 27, 2007, 6:22 am
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When Jim brought this campaign to my attention, I immediately decided that I wanted to participate. I could not think of a better charitable cause that addresses abuse than Mercy Ministries. Mercy Ministries is a cause I have gladly supported for the past five years, and I am excited to share a little information about what they do today:

Since 1983, Mercy Ministries has served thousands of young women from all over the world with varied cultural and socio-economic backgrounds. Young women who come to Mercy Ministries are often facing a combination of difficult circumstances such as:

  • Abuse
  • Self-Harm
  • Depression
  • Addictions
  • Unplanned Pregnancy
  • Eating Disorders

Many of these girls have sought treatment before with unsuccessful long-term results. Residents are in the program an average of six months and Mercy’s services reflect their diverse needs. The residents are young women who want to change and move beyond their difficult circumstances, yet have never found a source for help before Mercy Ministries. Young women who have graduated from the Mercy Ministries program are truly transformed. They are found in universities, corporations, ministries, the mission field, and raising families. Mercy Ministries’ goal is to have each young woman not only complete the program but also discover the purpose for her life and bring value to her community as a productive citizen.

Mercy Ministries currently has three facilities in the United States: Nashville, TN has 40 beds, Monroe, LA has 20 beds and St. Louis, Missouri has 30 beds, and plans are underway for a 40 bed home in Sacramento, California.

The girls and young women who come to Mercy Ministries are people not unlike some that you probably know. Here are some testimonies of some of the young women who have graduated from Mercy Ministries:

From a woman’s perspective, abuse is something that can scar you for life. With organizations like Mercy Ministries, these women can be given hope that they can trust and love once again. They are given the chance to start over again with a clean slate, and the graduates go on to make good lives for themselves, many of them coming back to work or volunteer at one of the homes.
I would encourage anyone reading about Mercy Ministries here to consider making an investment in this tremendous cause. One of the best things about this organization is that it takes 10% of the donations that are graciously given to it and in turn sows that amount into other charities. So any money that you donate to Mercy Ministries touches multiple causes.
Here is a link to make a donation to Mercy Ministries. Please put ‘referred from’ in the comment box. Also, if you know a young woman who could benefit from one of the programs, please take a look at the application for admission.

Thank you for reading this post today, and I encourage you to look around the blogosphere for some of the other participants today in the Call To End Abuse!

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Hey Amybeth,

I just wanted to commend you on a great post. I am thrilled that you made the decision to join more than a thousand voices in calling for an end to abuse.

Thank you so very much.

All my best,

Comment by Rich

I am so proud of how you have grown and matured into such a warm & caring woman of faith. Keep on reaching out. It was predicted of you while yet a toddler.

Hugs, Love & Prayers,

Comment by Judith

I work for Mercy.. love your blog. That is amazing. Thanks for your support!

Comment by Jaime Dugan

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