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Cool Tool Alert: TouchGraph
October 4, 2007, 4:11 am
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Apparently, this company has been around for a bit, but tonight was the first time I’d heard about them, thanks to a quick blurb on Josh Greene’s blog. According to the company website:
TouchGraph was founded in 2001 with the creation of the original visual browser for Google. Since then, millions of people have used TouchGraph’s tools to discover the relationships contained in Google, Amazon, Wikis, and other popular information sources. Our commercial applications include solutions for companies in management consulting, social networking, and mass media.”

So basically, you can type in a keyword and see the interrelations between websites based on these webs of connected color clusters. The clusters are apparently formed based on conceptually related websites, thus being assigned the same color. TouchGraph has pre-designed searches for Google, Amazon to check out similar books, purchase patterns and recommendations, as well as Facebook which lets you explore your networks by graphing photos from anyone’s album or view the connections between members of a group

My interest, of course, is in checking out related sites using a search engine. Since I’m new in the PR industry, I decided to put in the phrase “public relations”. Here’s my result:
It’s kind of hard to read, but basically these are all killer resources for the public relations industry, including the site I have shown on the screen, O’Dwyer’s Public Relations News, a resource that was recommended to me when I presented a question about PR resources to my LinkedIn group last week. My conclusion from this particular use of the product is that it would be a good tool for visually seeing the connection between different blogs, news sites, and other resources for a particular industry.

Just for curiosity’s sake, I tried putting in a simple Boolean query for an online resume:
inurl:resume “public relations” “account manager” –jobs –careers –apply –submit

OH MY GOODNESS……check this out:
Again, the screen is hard to read, but that cluster is an online resume, surrounded with linked pages including where to find the individual’s LinkedIn profile, ZoomInfo page, associations they are a part of, blogs they either write or are linked to, etc. Oh and by the way, those other clusters are also resumes! WOW! So by checking out each cluster, you can “get to know” the individual behind the resume in more depth with very little effort in addition to checking out what people with their skills are linking to and what groups they belong to.

Awesome tool for research! Kudos to the founder, Alex Shapiro.


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Comment by Suzy T

check out:


Comment by JeremyLanghans

Nice one! Do a search on a PR conference and see who is linking to it. (Wink)

Comment by Jim Stroud

Awesome! Can’t wait to use it! Thanks for the tip. 😉

Comment by Kristin Kalscheur

Hi.nice blog.I am fresh jobseeker.please help me that where can i get
links of free job posts sites.
Thank you…..

Comment by Manikandan

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