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Go to your class reunions!
October 15, 2007, 12:18 am
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I have been home in Fort Myers, FL this weekend to attend my 10 year high school reunion. I was in a magnet program for gifted high school students, so my class was full of competitive, driven, overachievers who were all expected to do great things with our lives. Those who have only known me for the last 5 years wouldn’t guess that I wasn’t quite as outgoing in high school. I was the ‘nice girl’ as in, “Oh, Amybeth? Yeah, she’s a nice girl”. I had friends in all the groups since I was an academic and an athlete. I was on the Academic Team, the swim team, and in the Math Club, the symphonic orcehstra, and was the Kiwanis Key Club president for a year. It was a weird mix, so I guess I was kind of an ‘independent’ when it came to hanging out with different groups.

I was a little hesitant this week leading up to it – What would my reunion be like? Would many people show up? Will the same clicks still exist as they did in high school? I am glad that I decided to attend because I actually made some pretty key contacts at my reunion!

For starters, my classmate Tiffany Myers, who current works in real estate, was intrigued when I told her what I did, and confessed that she thought the research part of her work was fun and wondered about making a career out of it. So I gave her my contact information and will help introduce her to some folks in the industry to see if this is something she would like to do.
My classmate Jamie J. works for Google now. He had started a PhD. path in Mathematics and Statistics and now he helps develop algorithms at Google. Definitely glad that we ran into each other.

And….one of my classmates married a girl who graduated a couple of years after us, and she is a journalist. I now work for a public relations agency. PR loves journalists 🙂

It was also nice to catch up with old friends and see what everyone had been up to. There were no egos in the room and we all had a great time. I am glad that I attended and was able to make these contacts. If you’re on the fence about attending one of your class reunions, I recommend going. You never know who you might talk to and how you may be able to help each other. After all, it’s all about networking!

I got some golfing in with my dad on Saturday as well. Actually, he golfed, and I just tossed my ball into the fairway and (tried) to hit it. I’m not good at golf yet!

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Golf for me used to be a Great Opportunity to Look Foolish (G.O.L.F.) until recently when I started discovering that it could be a Great Opportunity to Leverage Friendships. I still tend to score better than I play – hopefully the skill level will catch up with the competitor in me one day. Great to see that you enjoyed the game and had fun coz that’s what it’s all about.

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