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Today Is My One Year Blogiversary
October 24, 2007, 6:31 am
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Today marks the first anniversary of the start of the Research Goddess blog. From its humble beginnings as SPI Internet Research to where it’s gone today, I am excited to reach this milestone! Thinking back on my first post (actually, it was my second official post, as my first was a simple welcome message), boy has my blog changed! The first comment made on my blog was from my now-dear-friend, Jim Stroud. Ahh…that was the start of a beautiful friendship.

I am so incredibly thankful to all of you who read my blog and enjoy my posts. As you know, one of my goals was to hit 50 subscribers and, well, if you look at the reader counter to the right, you’ll see that I have achieved this goal. So, many thanks to all of you!

I wanted to take this time to reflect back on some of the highlights and my favorite moments in my first year of blogging, and how starting the Research Goddess blog truly has made a difference, not just for me, but for lots of you folks out there who read it!

My dinner with the Big Cheez – Joel was my original inspiration to start blogging. I remember reading his blog one day and thinking ‘his blog is awesome – I wonder if I could do something like that with a research blog?’ He is probably sick of me saying this, but I am ever grateful for the time Joel spent with me while I was up in Cleveland because he is the one who gave me the gentle shove to get this whole thing started.

Nomination for the 2006 Best Blog Awards – how cool was this! My little blog got nominated for an award just two months after I started it. I did not get into the top 10 but just to be in the company of the other nominated blogs was humbling.

My first appearance on the Recruiters Lounge – ah, the first time I got interviewed by the Searchologist. My how time does fly!

Meeting my good friend, Mike Notaro – I think this occurred some time around January or February, and I am thankful for Mike’s friendship and the knowledge he shares with me. He has come into his own in internet research so quickly and I am glad I met him!

My first somewhat questionable search technique, and a major nod from Shally – my post on the MySpace site: search that really seemed to grab Shally’s attention…some of the big dogs in research were starting to notice me!

Being appreciated, and starting my obsession with social networking and new media – I love getting messages from people I’ve had conversations with that have gotten something useful out of our discussions. Makes me feel like it was time well spent!

My first conversation with Rob McIntosh – I have a lot of respect for this man and the knowledge he has, and I was pleased to be able to speak with him at length before I wrote this article. Rob also was responsible for connecting me with Suzy Tonini, another person I have developed a great friendship with and learned a great deal from.

Getting tapped on the shoulder by Leslie O’Connor and Earl Mann to present at SourceCon – man, I can’t think of another event in the past year that I was so excited to attend, and the fact that I was asked to present was just icing on the cake. Thank you so much for the opportunity!

Reaching the five-year mile marker as an Internet Researcher – it was so great to think back on the last five years and how much I’ve learned, how many great people I’ve met, and what I’ve accomplished in the world of Internet Research.

Getting published in the Fordyce Letter – what an honor! I wrote an article called ‘Stephen Covey Applied To Research and Recruiting Prioritization’ that I had originally wanted published on ERE but they thought it would be well received by the readers of the Fordyce Letter – cool!

The Research Goddess Radio Show goes live –I am looking forward to having the chance to interview a lot of you on my podcast show on Recruiter Life!

Landing a new job at Waggener Edstrom – this rounded out my first year writing the Research Goddess blog. I love my new position and am excited to see what good things are in store here!

There are so many, many more cool things that have happened over the past year as a result of my blog, but these were just some of the best moments. Over the last year as well, I have received so many emails and comments on my posts that have warmed my heart. I am thrilled that so many of you enjoy reading my stuff!

I found you through your blog and you had been mentioned in some of the other blogs that I read.
[By the way, you do a great job with your blog.]
Scott Szur, The Harrison Group

I love your Blog!!! You are doing great things-Thank you for keeping me on your mailing list.
Margaret Blackwell, Sr. Recruiting Consultant

Hi Amy. We’re going to add your blog to our blogosphere…
Todd Raphael, ERE Media

I’ve actually been reading your blog since around December, and I have to say I love the search string you provided in one of your past posts. Great tip!
Sara Agee, Internet Researcher

Amybeth, Thank you for all the knowledge and support you have offered my in my efforts to ramping up my desk. I know that at times you probably felt like blocking me from your IM list but now I think the most tedious part of my learning process is behind me. You have been a true mentor for me as I embark on this exciting journey!
Paul Wolfe, SPI franchise owner

My name is Bryan Marek and I have become a fan of your blog. I have left a comment on your most recent one on stating how you have helped me set up a more productive researching process. For that I am truly greatful.
Bryan Marek, Internet Researcher

thanks for the exposure amybeth! i love hearing your thoughts 🙂
Jeremy Langhans, Executive Sourcer

I hope you continue putting research/sourcing out there in a more positive light (as you already doing) and continue to spread the news about what value and what a researcher/sourcer does!
Dan Harris, Sourcer/Talent Researcher

Really enjoyed your presentation and some of your comments will be making my slides as we continue to build our Sourcing Team here. Brand new model for the company as of beginning of this year and we are already see contributions being made.
Bryan Reichert, Lead Recruiter

I appreciate your definition of what my new career path should be. You truly helped me to better understand what it is that my job description should entail.
Elizabeth Gary-Ruegger, Research Manager

The things I write about are things I feel very passionately about. My goal in starting this blog was to connect with the larger research community, and I most certainly have accomplished this. I thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart, because you are what has made this blog what it is!


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HAPPY BLOGIVERSARY!!! KUDOS! One year of wealth of information wonderfully documented!!

Comment by Mike

Wow! I’ve known you for just a few months and you’ve already enriched my recruiting life with your unending knowledge of research. So glad to be working with you at WE. Happy Blogiversary!

Comment by nikhunt

As Yoda would say, “To you much congratulations, indeed. Much more to come we expect of you!”

Best, Glenn Gutmacher

Comment by Glenn

Congrats Amybeth, you’ve accomplished a lot this last year and have excellent momentum 🙂

Comment by JibberJobber Guy

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