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"Blogs are not necessary"
January 10, 2008, 9:59 pm
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Interesting question posed by Maureen, asking people about what blogs they follow. The first response surprised me:

“None. Nowadays, when information is abundant and easily accessible and filterable, blogs are not necessary other than for fun / venting / community etc. Relevant and high-quality information and knowledge can be rarely (without generalizations) found in blogs.”

My initial reaction is twofold: #1, this person has no clue, and #2, perhaps they are friends with the Recruiting Animal who also says that blogs have added no value to business in general.

But you know, the value is in the eye of the beholder. Some people value blogs from an educational standpoint – there are many out there that have good bits of information that are industry specific; for example many people referenced Seth Godin, whose blog I absolutely love. Others just see them as a waste of time.

What it ultimately boils down to is just that one person’s trash is another person’s treasure.

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Well stated! I read ALOT of blogs, all recruitment/business related but I am recharged each day by listening to others stories.

Comment by Recruitnik

Many people are reading blogs without knowing it, based on search results. I get a lot of first-time visitors from Google, and most of them aren’t looking for blogs, they’re looking for information. It just happens that they find it on a blog.

So, blogs matter to readers, whether they realize it or not. And blogs matter to bloggers, because people will find us, whether they’re looking for us or not.

Comment by Nathan Gilliatt

I agree! I have a personal blog and a now work blog and I love reading way too may blogs. I learn more from reading and listening than I could have ever imagined I would!

Comment by Sodexo Careers

I respect the source of the comment but not the comment. AmyBeth, we discussed this at length, and I can only say that careers are made by the personal brand factor of blogs, passive talent research has benefited from blog searches, and above all else, to assume that all available information is done, that history has ended so to speak is either arrogant or wholly naive. We learn day. I learn from you, from all my peers in the recruitosphere and I learn from my toddler who educates me on sharing on compassion. If learning or value in worth has limits I would only admit it when my flesh is blue and cold.

Comment by Dave Mendoza

Interesting post, that’s for sure. But I think answering the question if they are useful or not is rhetorical. They apparently fulfill a deep human desire to express and be heard. No I’m not really following any particularly blogs because posts of value ripple over the internet like a tsunami….
Still in my own Research work I do find a lot of clues in my filtered blog results. There are positions I would not have filled without them. So my stand is not useless and something like the seasons “ they just are”

Hans Dekker

Comment by Hootless

blogs are a good place for spammers to fight their poor online image.

here’s my new 1:

Comment by JeremyLanghans

Great post and excellent comments.

According to Quantcast, gets >6000 uniques per month. And because I know how to write for search engines, this traffic is pretty well targeted. Between 85-90% of traffic comes from Google.

IMHO, blogs are an unbeatable lead gen tool. Fine with me if other recruiters don’t get it. If there’s a recession later this year, they’ll wish they’d spent more time becoming findable.

Harry Joiner

Comment by Harry

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