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Top 10 Social Networking Sites of 2007
January 16, 2008, 3:21 pm
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Top 10 Social Networking Sites
(Source: Nielsen Online, ranked by Unique Audience, December 2007. U.S., Home and Work)

  1. MySpace (2007) 60,104,000 (2006) 55,256,000
  2. Facebook (2007) 22,574,000 (2006) 13,110,000
  3. Classmates Online (2007) 10,748,000 (2006) 11,406,000
  4. Windows Live Spaces (2007) 8,856,000 (2006) 8,703,000
  5. AOL Hometown (2007) 6,853,000 (2006) 9,032,000
  6. Club Penguin (2007) 6,358,000 (2006) 2,688,000
  7. LinkedIn (2007) 4,804,000 (2006) 2,072,000
  8. (2007) 4,090,000 (2006) 4,327,000
  9. AOL Community (2007) 4,069,000 (2006) 5,213,000
  10. Flixster (2007) 3,097,000 (2006) 744,000

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Is it just me or does this make more interesting reading if you look at the growth ( or lack or it ) that some of these sites have had since 2006 into 2007 … a totally different – and unexpected – league table !


Comment by Adrian

I thought the same thing 🙂 Even though some of the ‘top’ networks have bigger numbers, their growth % is either quite low, or negative. Also, I think LinkedIn’s number is a bit skewed b/c I have at least 4MM people in my 3rd degree network and I am not the most connected person there by any stretch of the imagination

Comment by Amybeth

I am pretty sure that unique audience (the way Nielsen measures stuff) is more like TV ratings measurement. Don’t assume these numbers have *anything* to do with total registered membership. Sure, LinkedIn has many more than 4MM members, but as far as how many unique visitors went to a page in December 2007, that probably makes for a much more accurate apples-to-apples comparison of site activity. This would explain why Hi5 and some others with obscene registered member claims that exceed all but MySpace and Facebook yet have awful, non-useful sites, aren’t even on this list.

Glenn Gutmacher

Comment by Glenn

Flixter 316% of growth
Club Penguin 136% of growth
Linkedin 131% of growth
Facebook 72% of growth
Myspace 8% of growth
Windows Live Spaces 1% of growth
Classmates online -6% of grwoth -6% of growth
AOL Community -22% of growth
Aol Hometown -25% of growth

Based on those numbers, but according to linkedin homepage, they have over 13mm people and raising every second.


Comment by Nonitto

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