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Is "Open Networking" getting out of hand?
January 28, 2008, 7:06 pm
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I posed this question on LinkedIn today, after having a recent influx of requests to network from folks. Those who know me know I’m big on responsible networking and this open networking seems to be getting out of hand….feel free to comment here, or on LinkedIn!

Has ‘open networking’ become a new method for spamming? When you reach out to self-proclaimed open networkers, do you read their contact settings for connection instructions, or do you just send away? As a self-proclaimed networker, do you send canned requests including phrases like “I noticed you’re an open networker” or “Since you are a person I trust” when you have never communicated before? Do you claim to be connected through an association when you don’t have an email address for the recipient, just to get a foot in the door?

As an open networker, do you accept ALL invitations, even ones that clearly have not read your profile and given a compelling reason to connect? I have noticed an increase in invitations that have obviously not read my profile and provide no compelling reason for connection other than an assumed desire to mine my connections. For me personally, I am happy to connect as long as there is a stated purpose in the invitation and not a general observation that I have placed my email address in my profile and that must mean I’ll connect with anyone.

I would be interested in hearing your thoughts on this. While I think open networking is a good concept, there are always those few bad apples who spoil the barrel and are making it a bad practice.


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good Q – i posted up an A


Comment by blank

good question….

and to build on it……what happens when people start joining multiple professional networking sites, adding their entire mailing lists and you get inundated with requests to join sites like Plaxo and others?

As recruiters…….do you draw a line or do you participate on every site?


Comment by Kelly

Kelly, simple answer. Focus your strength on one or two networks and delete the requests for the others unless of course you have time to invest there.

Comment by Michael

I agree with Michael – It can get way out of hand. We are told by our peers! Get out there, get notice, but then it all becomes crazy and you crazy people asking you to join. Suggestion.. only accept invites on who you know or folks that could help you can network with.

Comment by S.P.I.D.E.R.S Team - A Web of Knowledge

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