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Survey on Research and Sourcing Influencers
March 6, 2008, 5:21 pm
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For all the researchers and sourcers who read here, my buddy Russ Moon is conducting a research and sourcing survey, the results of which he will be sharing during his presentation at the ERE Expo in San Diego. He has requested feedback from anyone who works in recruiting research or sourcing.

The survey itself is divided into two parts :
  • Part 1 – Identifies a list of factors which can help a researcher optimized their ability to produce maximum return on investment for their employer or client while feeling satisfaction in their work.
  • Part 2 – Identifies a list of factors which inhibit a researchers ability to contribute at their highest level.
Russ requests that each person taking the survey choose the 5 influencers in Part I and the 5 influencers in Part II which are the most important to them.
The survey is brief and should not present a time burden to those who choose to participate. I know he’d appreciate your feedback!

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Thanks Amybeth,

I enjoyed the survey and looking forward to reviewing the results when they are available. Russ always seem to have sometime compelling points to be made, doesn’t he?

All the Best!


Comment by Ray Towle

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