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LinkedIn rolls out company profile pages
March 20, 2008, 11:58 pm
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LinkedIn now has a LinkedIn Recruiter corporate solutions product. That’s old news to most of us. But… according to Mark Hendrickson’s post tonight on TechCrunch, LinkedIn is rolling out company profile pages on Friday morning:

“On Friday morning they [LinkedIn] will launch company profile pages that partly serve as fact sheets for about 160,000 companies and partly serve to reveal the connections that members have with them…The company says that it plans to wiki-fy these company profile pages in the next few months, allowing employees to edit company overviews, upload logos, and add other custom modules. Some of the information on these pages will also be distributable via widget.”

Think they’ll eventually incorporate something like CogMap to tie it in with individual’s profiles? That might be cool…

LinkedIn has finally given in to its heavy population of recruiters and become a recruiter-friendly job board/social network powerhouse combo 🙂 I see this being a huge pain in the rear end for the Monsters and CareerBuilders of the world…

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What is interesting about LinkedIn is that it describes social relationships where Cogmap models the actual hierarchy.

A powerful combination when used in conjunction.

Comment by Brent

If LinkedIn is not careful, they’ll commodotize the very thing that made LinkedIn so powerful. I don’t like the fact that people that took the time and effort to build these networks will now be subjected to some HR clerk having access to their trusted contacts. Maybe I’m a little defensive about this, but after having more than a few internal recruiters/HR reps almost blow a critical hire because of their approach or general lack of ability, I have my reservations.

Comment by Bill Ward

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