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Is Twitter Overrated?
April 3, 2008, 1:05 am
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Research Newbie thinks so. Do I? Absolutely not!

I received a tweet from Newb earlier today while I was working out of Waggener‘s Bellevue office, stating that she finds Twitter boring. I sent back a couple of suggestions for her to try out, like checking to see the frequency of the posting of people you follow, or using an app like Twhirl to keep up with messages. True, lots of people’s tweets are mundane parts of their everyday life, like someone announcing that they are going to go pick up their kids from school, or like my announcement earlier today that I was heading downstairs to get some dinner before heading off to the airport. So what? Do you really care that I’m about to scarf down some grub before flying home? Probably not. But you take the good with the bad when it comes to Twitter 🙂 Besides, you never know when you’ll have a golden opportunity to get on someone’s radar – like, if a popular blogger or industry luminary announces that they’re going to be somewhere you used to live, you can share some secret cool places to visit, or you get first glimpse at a neat new resource that a big social media expert tweeted about and can engage in a brief conversation with them. Here are some examples that I’ve personally experienced which make me believe that Twitter is NOT overrated:

  1. I read a tweet today that a UGA communications professor made announcing some PR internships. I responded asking if Waggener’s internship opportunities could be included, which led to someone else who was following both of us to contact me asking to put up announcements on their blog about our internships. Score for WaggEd!
  2. A couple weeks ago, someone announced a social media luncheon in Hawaii on April 10th, which happens to be my birthday. I retweeted it jokingly asking if anyone wanted to gift a trip to this luncheon to me for my birthday, but someone I was connected to, who happens to live in Hawaii, ended up finding out about and attending this luncheon that he otherwise did not know about.
  3. I read a nice blog post that a graduating PR student wrote so I complimented her on it, and she was excited that she had been contacted and tweeted about it. As a result, I have several graduating PR seniors from the University of Oregon who are now connections.

If I could make just one recommendation for using Twitter, it would be to exercise patience. Think about all the other social networks you belong to – LinkedIn, Facebook, MySpace, Xing, etc. I’ll bet that you didn’t build up those sizeable networks you have on those sites in one day, one week, one month, or even one year! Rome wasn’t built in a day; neither is a good network.

Just keep at it, Newbie – don’t give up on the bird yet!

By the way, I will take this opportunity to encourage you to check out Research Newbie. I think this researcher is on a good path to learning how to be an excellent researcher. She writes, asks questions, and isn’t afraid to express her opinions on things. Check out her blog, and of course, connect with her on Twitter! 🙂


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Very cool about the twitter job item … it is amazing how many people are using that for networking, isn’t it?! Awesome!

Comment by kaye sweetser

Amybeth, Twitter is anything but boring. When I first joined I may have felt that way a bit. Now, I am following very interesting people and am learning new things each and everyday in multiple industries.

As far as networking. Next time I need to look for a PR company or research firm I know where I will turn since I met them on Twitter.

BTW I am now following you and researchnewbie

Comment by David Gerbino

I’ll admit, when I began using Twitter, I thought of it as an extension of Facebook and its daily updates. Then I thought, “how cool is it that you can have those daily updates, but pick and choose whose you want to actually pay attention to?” In the last week, I have searched and browsed through different twitters and have made so many more connections! I do love that presidential candidates are on twitter (more than likely its their staff, but still!). It allows you to follow the candidates throughout the presidential journey. I’ve also searched for twitters based on location and profession. I would recommend for college graduates to seek out twitters that live in areas you may consider living in.

Comment by jessicalomelin

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