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Some Advice for Professional Tweeting

A new colleague and local Cincinnatian, Kevin Dugan, pointed me toward this article by Max Kalehoff, discussing some recommendations given by Brian Morrissey, Adweek’s Digital Editor, to PR pitchers on Twitter. I think the advice provided applies to recruiters and researchers who utilize Twitter for business purposes as well. Check out a few of the tips Brian gives here that were actual Twitter messages he sent, and substitute “PR” with “recruiting”:

  • Spam Is Spam Is Spam: “Dear PR people: you spam me enough thru email, must you use Facebook too? Why not drop by the apartment? Let yourself in, get comfortable.”
  • Aspire To Great Work, Not So-Called Expertise: “everyone wants to be an expert. would be nice if same people had actual examples of cool stuff they’re doing. lots of talk, less action.” [this made me think of some of IBM’s new commercials which say “Stop Talking. Start Doing”]
  • Engage Your Prospects Selectively And With Respect: “the PR world is just as much spray and pray as the ad world. I’m doused every single day.”  
  • Personal Touches Matter: “arrived to my cube to find a note left for me on my chair. can’t say i’ve gotten one of those in some time.”
  • Don’t Lie About Your Affiliation: “Bothered by PR agency flacks who say they’re ‘with’ a company. They’re not. They’re with a PR agency hired by the company.”
  • Paid Endorsements Are Not Credible: “Breaking: Interactive TV vendor pays for research finding consumers have “increasing appetite for interactive TV.”

For the rest of the list and this informative post, click here.

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Thanks for the shout-out. Have a great day. I’ll have to look you up during an upcoming trip to Cincinnati.

Comment by Max Kalehoff

Hi Amybeth,

I have been a regular reader of your blog and love it. On topic but on a lighter not came across this link at techcrunch for a hugh mcload cartoon on twitter.


Comment by Ravi

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