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Glimpse Into The Life of a Young NYC PR Professional
April 15, 2008, 9:52 am
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young professionalsI just came across this post today, and I thought it was a VERY well-detailed account of how one can survive on $57k as a PR professional in NYC. The blog author, “Madame X“, is a 30-something single woman living in Brooklyn, NY, and she writes about how much money she makes, what she spends it on, how much she saves, how she budgets, etc. She had an anonymous contributor, dubbed ‘Bama Babe’, who happens to be a Senior Account Executive at a financial services PR agency in the city. I found it very interesting to read the detail to which this young PR professional outlines her financial situation.

Bama Babe’s background:

  • 26-year-old single female
  • Born and raised in southern Alabama
  • Graduated from the University of Alabama in 2004 with majors in public relations and economics
  • Moved to NYC in July 2004 to work at a financial services PR agency; been employed by that agency ever since

While she is never named, she goes into some great detail on how she watches her expenses and saves for the future, while remembering to reward herself along the way. For example, she packs her breakfast, lunch, and a snack every day rather than to “let my money slip away on $10 sandwiches for lunch and random take-out for dinner and not have anything left for a nice dinner out every once in a while”. She also takes advantage of what NYC has to offer along the lines of free and/or cheap events, such as the free concerts in Central Park the New York Philharmonic puts on in the summertime, or watching movies in Bryant Park. She gives herself a weekly cash allowance to cut down on frivolous expenses, but not forgetting to reward herself she allots part of her annual bonus to a piece of Tiffany jewelry. She says of NYC, “It is absolutely possible to live here and have a full life without making hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.”

I think this is a great read for soon-to-be college graduates, or young professionals who are wondering if you can make it in the big city as a new professional in the workplace. I would encourage you to check out the whole article!


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Great post, thanks for flagging! I am still trying to figure out how I will get by once I move out on my own, although the free rent and home cooked meals at mom’s sure are nice – can’t say I’m in much of a rush! 🙂

Comment by Andrea

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