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Geeks are Hot!
April 16, 2008, 9:09 pm
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Christopher Gorham is SO HOT!!How many of you out there were band nerds in high school? Or the art geek who always had paint or clay stuck in your hair? Or the music dork who had a garage band that sucked (even though you thought you were awesome). What about the science geeks who were always blowing stuff up in chemistry lab, or throwing around frog guts during biology? Or the computer nerd who was one of the first kids on the block to get an Atari, or spent your evenings chatting on AOL when they still charged by the minute, or sat in your parents’ basement punching out code (I know for a fact that some of you are still there!!) There are so many kinds, and where it used to be…well, uncool to be a geek, now geek is the new black.

Geeks are hot – and it’s time they were honored 🙂 And finally, there is a website to confirm this – Sexiest Geeks Alive. TechCrunch tweeted about this website last month, and since I was interested in checking out some hot geeks, I followed the link. The folks who have created this site say that “the world should spend more time celebrating the sexiness of geeks” – and to that I say heck yes! The site is still pretty new, but I was pleased to see both sexy male AND female geeks here. And I love the category ‘Shower Thoughts’ – how many of us are guilty of daydreaming about someone sexy while we’re in the shower? I know I am… 🙂

I fully support this endeavor! I’m personally coming up with a list of people whom I think are sexy geeks to give to Cianna (maybe YOU’RE on the list….hmmmm!), and I’d encourage you all to help her out as well and recommend some nerdy hotties. Send an email to nominate[at] if you have someone in mind who should be honored as a sexy geek – we should certainly get sourcing and research represented!

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Geeks are hot? There is hope for me yet.

Comment by Jim Stroud

I swoon for those nerd loooking guys …. because they are sooo sweet …. Yes!: Them are the sexiest men on earth! 😀

Comment by Eduardo

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