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Jerk Bloggers and CeWEBrities
April 28, 2008, 12:34 am
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Amybeth with Joel PostmanI had the absolute pleasure of spending about an hour with Joel Postman, a PR contact referred to me by the wonderful Marie Domingo, while I was in San Francisco. We chatted after the Web 2.0 conference was officially over and I was waiting around for my red-eye flight. While we chatted, we threw around some ideas and discussed how some folks who blog, regardless of the industries in which they write, are just downright mean to both their readers and their colleagues. Joel told me he’d been thinking about writing a post about this very issue, and I just read it here. I think there is so much truth to this and I’m glad he had the gumption to write it out. He calls out those who have “gained their fame through a first-mover advantage and are ultimately, well, jerks who use bullying and other questionable tactics to generate traffic.”

But, he says, there is good news in that the very social aspect of blogging will eventually show the true colors of these folks and expose them for the jerks that they are!

I will add a bit of advice to this, and that is to all the folks out there who are relatively unknown bloggers – don’t let the cewebrity jerk bloggers intimidate you, and don’t fall into the trap of thinking that you yourself have to be a jerk in order to become popular. Be true to your writing style and have patience 🙂 And remember that what goes around eventually comes back around!

Read Joel’s whole post right here!


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People can not hide who they are. Ultimately, time reveals all.

Comment by Jim Stroud

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I wonder how many we could list in the RecruitoBlogosphere

Comment by Epithet

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