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Job Searching with a Clean Image

Oh no! My online image!My new ‘friend’ in PR, Staci Stringer, has written a nice post on her blog entitled “Digital Dirt“, in which she talks about the importance of keeping a good image online especially while job-seeking. I’m glad to see that college professors are taking this seriously and empowering their students with proper thought processes while preparing them to enter the work world. Staci describes one professor who used a classroom demonstration to drive a point home:

“…he searches for his students on Facebook before his first class and when he calls role he pulls up interesting photos of his students. He says, ‘If I can find it, your potential future internships and employers can find it, too.’ This sticks with students, because it embarrasses the student.”

Please read Staci’s article here on her blog, If I Knew All The Words. This is a good read for those who are currently job seeking!


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Thank you Amybeth! I’ve actually had two friends who have closed their facebook accounts after reading my blog post. I considered it myself, but realized it is a great resource in PR and I all I have to do is monitor what I post!

Comment by stacistringer

The internet has made it virtually impossible to hide any skeletons in your closet. In the recruiting industry I have heard stories of clients researching candidates background using facebook, myspace, linkedin, ect. People just need to be aware that someone is always watching whatever they are posting online.

Comment by Jeff Simeone

Great post, Amybeth, and I definitely agree.

I have heard from many others that even though Google never forgets, it’s easy to push potentially unsavory content to the back pages of search results by creating content regularly that better reflects your personal brand. Blogging is a great way to do this.

Comment by Daniel Johnson, Jr.

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