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Layoffs at major news sources
May 19, 2008, 8:50 pm
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Cool resource for those folks who’ve been affected by layoffs in the print news area:
Praying for Papers

Lots of print publications are feeling the pain that online media has been inflicting, and this is a nice thing that the Koehlers are doing. Not only is it a good resource for those of us in recruiting to see what news sources are having layoffs, but it’s a place for encouragement for those affected by the downsizing and struggling to stay afloat.

Have you been affected by news source downsizing, like last month’s wave of layoffs at the NY Times, the Seattle Times, Ziff Davis (eWeek, PC Mag, Baseline, CIO Insight, etc.), and now this month at Reuters? Waggener Edstrom is hiring for positions that you might be interested in! Check them out:

Editor in Chief – Seattle
Web Publisher/Production Coordinator – Portland
Senior Web Publisher/Production Coordinator – Seattle
Digital Media Producer – Seattle


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So how long before there are no more papers and everything is digital?

Comment by Jim Stroud

I really don’t get it. The NY Times has not only been the front runner in catering to on-line readers, they have also innovated various ways of using (and contributing to) free software to ensure that their sites remain available. Similarly, the BBC has come up with ‘perl on rails’.

I think its time to fire up various tools to map link relationships on major news sites. They must be shooting themselves (unwittingly) in the foot.

The content is free, great, interesting .. getting to it and convincing Google to index it must be the problem. While, yes, indy news sources have gained public preference .. fact checking against established sources is far from going out of style.

Could be the ads, could be the layout, could be a number of things.. but its not an incidental trend. Major sites must be inflicting this on themselves.


Comment by tinkertim

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