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“Make more friends, or you’re fired!”
July 2, 2008, 8:00 am
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Bill Bradley, an editorial assistant at Vanity Fair, asks for ideas on how he can “be more lame and attract more fans” to Vanity Fair’s Facebook page. Because if he doesn’t, his boss says he’s canned. Seriously – check out the article on Ragan. Interesting publicity stunt here, as Bill is using all kinds of on- and off-line methods, including flyers and sandwich boards, to get people to be his friend on Facebook. Whether or not it’s true that he’ll actually lose his job if he doesn’t make his goal of 10,000 friends by August 5th, it’s still and interesting, and slightly cheesy, way to gain more fans for the Facebook page. In Bill’s words, “the surest way to accumulate 10,000 fans is to transform oneself into a class-A stalker…” I’m curious how many researchers and sourcers have been accused in some fashion of being stalkers. hehehe…

So, is this what it’s come to? We’re being forced make friends to preserve our employment? I wonder what’s next, paying people to interview with us? Oh wait, that’s already been done 🙂


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I think this is horrible & dumb & honestly …. it is a poor metric!!!! I can’t tell you how many times I see students start Facebook groups to “visit my site so I get an A” or “take my survey otherwise I’ll fail bla.” I’m all for a good recruitment & personal appeal, but what is in it for the person who joins the group? Nada. Karma? Bah! I think this is lazy, sophomoric & counterproductive to what they probably really want which is people caring about their product.

I’ll get off my soapbox now 🙂

Comment by kaye sweetser

Hey Amybeth,

HMMMmmm . . . There are gimmicks that work and gimmick that don’t. While a ingenious or novel device or scheme designed to attract attention or increase appeal can and will work on occasion, overuse is a fatal flaw.

From the cheap seats, it Bill Bradley appears in this instance, as a gimmicker, without much substance.

Or is the the point. HMMMmmm . . .

Ray “Virtual Sourcer” Towle

Comment by Ray "Virtual Sourcer" Towle

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