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September 16, 2008, 10:22 am
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My local colleagues Daniel Johnson Jr. and Barbara K. Baker coined this phrase yesterday and I think it’s funny, so I’m going to pilfer it for this post. For those who look forward to my semi-regular postings, sorry I haven’t updated but if you’ve been watching the weather, there was a hurricane that hit Texas last week and made its way up into the Midwest. Keeping things in perspective, my heart goes out to those in the Houston and Galveston areas who really got hit hard – I hope that things get back to normal for everyone there soon.

However, being that Cincinnati is a land-locked area, we do not have an emergency action plan for hurricanes and were not prepared to receive tropical storm, and at times hurricane, force winds on Sunday! As a result, close to 1 million homes and businesses in the Cincinnati area lost power on Sunday. We are being told that it may be as late as Saturday until some places have power restored. I personally have no power at home still, so I’ve been trolling the area looking for wifi spots so I can work. Today thankfully, my church is open and they provide free wifi and…free coffee 🙂 In the evenings, I am living on canned tuna and bottled water, and I have 3 candles and a little reading light that keep me out of total darkness!

So, here’s what happened – our local utility company had sent a fleet in the direction of Texas to help out with the massive power outages that were expected, not anticipating that we would have so many issues here ourselves! They recalled the fleet which I think returned back here on Monday night around 9pm. They’re working to restore power to the most critical areas first, so I would anticipate personally having power back maybe sometime tomorrow, or possibly even Thursday.

Having grown up in Florida, I’ve seen my fair share of hurricanes and tropical storms. While it was shocking for this area to get winds at times exceeding 70mph, it wasn’t as bad as some storms I’ve seen. When things like this happen, you see the best and the worst in people. Someone said last night that when it is truly a disaster, you see the best in people. But when it’s simply an inconvenience, you tend to see the worst in people. Unfortunately I’ve seen a lot of the latter in the past couple of days. I’ve heard about fist-fights over gas, I even saw a greedy guy in a minivan fill up his tank and then proceed to fill up 6 emergency containers full of gas – and right after this occurred, the station ran out of gas. People forget driving etiquette when the lights go out – intersections are supposed to become a 4-way stop and I’ve seen people blow right through with no consideration for others.

I hope that folks remember that while they are being inconvenienced with fallen trees, power outages, gas shortages, no ice, etc. that everyone else around them is also being inconvenienced 🙂 As I saw many folks trying to find places to plug in their electronics yesterday in the cafe I finally found open, I have brought a power strip with me today to share the outlets. Just trying to do my part!

Here’s a video of some of the wind and things that were going on around my neighborhood on Sunday afternoon. I hope to be “back in business” here shortly – thanks for being patient!


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I hope your power is restored soon. My parents live in Cincinnati and they have explained the same scenario–people getting ugly and the city under resourced. They emptied the fridge last night and fed the neighborhood with frozen meats that were going to spoil. I agree–everyone has to do their part!


Comment by Tammy

[…] makes things interesting, but places like Cincinnati are we not prepared. Some have even dubbed it Survivor: Cincinnati.  Matt and Leah were in line for a roller coaster when the hurricane winds knock a tree onto the […]

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I’m glad you’re okay, Amybeth. That was one freak of nature. Our power came back on Wednesday afternoon, but I heard that many folks in the Cincinnati and Dayton area are still without power even one week and one day later. Hopefully all with be (somewhat) back to normal for everyone soon.

I posted some of my thoughts here: Journey Inside My Mind > Survivor: Cincinnati Day 4

Comment by Daniel Johnson, Jr.

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