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Twitter, In Other Words
September 22, 2008, 10:17 pm
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The good, the bad, and the ugly opinions of Twitter. These are some great quotes from interesting articles on the topic of Twitter and some of the spin-off tools – I highly encourage clicking on the links and reading the full articles as well. Enjoy!

“Unintentional marketing is usually the best marketing…Your biggest advantage on twitter is to be YOURSELF.” – Rob Sellen, ‘The Silence Is Golden’

“What’s rude in life is rude on Twitter.” – Margaret Mason, The Morning News

“You could (also) regard the growing popularity of online awareness as a reaction to social isolation.” – Clive Thompson, ‘Brave New World of Digital Intimacy’, NYT

“…not only are we stopping ourselves from ever getting in flow, we’re stopping ourselves from ever getting really good at something.” – Kathy Sierra, ‘The Twitter Curve’ (a must-read article for those of us who just cannot break the addiction!)

“Twitter may not be mainstream, yet, but it’s well-known to the influencers and fellow practitioners with whom most PR people interact.” – Todd Defren, PR Squared

“Twitter has gone above and beyond my original expectations in terms of usefulness, allowing me to obtain and share information efficiently. But Twitter has also proven to be a tool that should be used with caution lest it become the opposite of useful: a time suck.” – Mark Glaser, MediaShift

“TweetStats can also be a great research and spy tool.” – Allen Stern, CenterNetworks

(in response to the question of how many recruitment hires have been made using Twitter) “…I would caution shallow thinking – and focus on the potential for building your own referral network over time, and the branding aspect more broadly.” – Jason Buss, The Talent Buzz

“If you’re going to step into the Social Media fishbowl, master Web 1.0 first.” – Eric Rochow, ‘Using Twitter as PR tool: how not to do it’

“We need something that looks at our posts, tweet streams, and links and outputs things like tag clouds (based on what we’re writing), blog rolls (based on what we’re reading or linking to), and potentially parses things like resources.” – Sam Lawrence, Go Big Always


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Great collection of quotes, Amybeth! I am not addicted to Twitter, but I might be after I read all these interesting posts and articles…

Comment by Judy Jenner

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