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Cool Tool Alert: Just Tweet It
October 12, 2008, 10:00 pm
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This is a fantastic Twitter tool for those of us in the business of recruiting! Just Tweet It is a self-appointing directory of tweeters, categorized by different areas of interest. There are tons of categories, including Advertising/PR, Bloggers, Environmentalists, SEO/Internet Marketing, Social Media, Technology, etc. You can add your name to as many lists as you’d like. There’s also a list of resources on the right-hand side which could provide helpful for client use (such as Twitter for Business). You can even subscribe to a Directory RSS or to an email update so that you know when new people have entered their information into the directory. This could be great for seeing who is out in your various worlds talking about products/services that would be relevant to your clients and starting to develop relationships with them. And from a recruiting standpoint, it’s a wonderful place to start finding people and developing potential candidate profiles!

For example, I have added my profile to the Advertising/PR category, as well as to the Bloggers category. When I added my Advertising/PR profile on Friday, there were only 40 people on the list. Now (Sunday night) there are over 70 people on the list, and several that I’ve seen who would be good contacts for my own recruiting purposes.

Likewise, there are over 140 listings in the Bloggers category. For a PR professional, this would be a great place to look at folks blogging in your clients’ space and start developing relationships.

Just a couple of picking points:

  • You cannot edit your profile once you’ve entered it (wonder if they might be able to change it!)
  •  The search function doesn’t appear to work for searching directory listings, and since the listings are shown in chronological order from when you entered your name, it’s a little hard to search

Regardless, I think this is a worthwhile tool – try it out yourself!


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Twitter search is always a challenge to use. Good find. Thanks for sharing it.

Comment by Marcel LeBrun

Thank you for posting this! I wanted to let you know that we have added the ability to edit your listing for up 30 minutes after the initial post. Hope this helps 🙂 Thanks again!

Comment by Dani McDaniel

Hey Amy…JustTweet is great..and I’ve been able to add several people to my list of those who I follow, including you!

Comment by Chris Martin

Terrific tip for any tweeter at any level of recruitment.
Thanks for sharing, Amybeth!

aka: Chris

Comment by RecruiterGuy

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