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Video: Cincinnati Tweetup
October 20, 2008, 1:30 am
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This past Friday, we held a tweetup in the Cincinnati area for folks who telecommute. If you recall, last year I tried to hold a similar event to which exactly no people showed up. This year, we had nine folks who came out, and I think I can speak for all of them that it was worth the drive! We even had 4 people come all the way from Athens, Ohio (a good 3 hour drive) just to attend. I have put together a video of the day below, so take a look at it and “meet” the people who were present. I hope you enjoy the music – I looked high and low for something ‘catchy’ and I think I’ll make it my new schtick… 🙂

Several people have asked when the next one will be; I would love to see this be a monthly occurrence! If you’re in the Cincinnati area (or close enough to drive) and you’d be interested in attending another tweetup next month, please leave a comment on this post.


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Wow you can drive give great commentary and record…. how cool is that? I agree Tweetup Telecommuters was a rockin success. Thanks for the idea and bringing us together… I’ll buy the doughnuts or bagels the next time… All the best on your mission trip Amybeth… Be well – Steve Platt

Comment by Steve Platt

I really enjoyed this post that summarized our tweetup Friday. I thank you again for hosting the event and look forward to attending similar events in the future!

Comment by Alivia Nuzzo

Wow, Amybeth! Great job on the video recording and editing. I can only imagine all the time it took to put together.

I love the face-to-face meetups that extend the relationships we have made online.

Make it a great day!

Comment by Daniel Johnson, Jr.

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