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An Interview with Amybeth Hale (@researchgoddess) by Monica Wright (@monicawright)
December 13, 2008, 10:16 am
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A friend of mine on Twitter @monicawright sent me these questions to answer as part of an interview – so I am posting the interview here on Research Goddess, and she’ll post hers on her site. Enjoy!

1. How long have you been working in internet research, and what attracted you to it?
I’ve been working in sourcing/research for about 6 1/2 years now, conducting research in various industries ranging from automatic data collection and identification (AIDC), RFID, commercial printing, financial services, real estate, medical devices, and currently I am operating in the Public Relations space. I was attracted to research because I love mysteries and puzzles, and recently I described what I do to someone as “putting people puzzles together”. I wrote a post about one event in college which truly inspired me and was probably the starting point of what led me to what I do now.


2. In your opinion, what’s the measure of a good blogging professional?
A good blogging professional does mix a little of their personality in with the message they are trying to convey in their blog. It makes you more real and approachable. However, if you want to provide value to your readers you have to be careful that you don’t make things too personal. People will subscribe to your blog to learn something and when they feel more like you’re pushing a personal agenda on them, they will leave. Have a good balance of personal and value-add.


3. Whose Blog do you read the Most?
I love Jim Stroud’s The Recruiters Lounge – he has such a fantastic mix of recruiting, research, and HR material in addition to tutorials for beginners in internet research which is a wonderful way to give back to our research community. Plus, Jim is one of my favorite research colleagues 🙂


4. What’s your best blogging tactic?
My best blogging tactic? I would say my personal branding with “Research Goddess”. I am now better known as Research Goddess than I am by my own name. I think that’s pretty decent branding to have that kind of recognition 🙂 I continue to capitalize on my personal brand with videos and such, to strengthen the connection of “Research Goddess” to myself.


5. Search engine algorithms are getting smarter, and a lot of people predict Organic SEO services will become obsolete. How do you plan to adapt?
I have a couple of great friends who are SEO professionals and I plan to stay in their back pocket as things evolve. I can’t even pretend to understand all the in’s and out’s of SEO, so my strategy is to rely on someone who is more knowledgeable about it than I am.


6. Please Describe the biggest challenge you face in your current job.
The biggest challenge I face is evangelizing throughout the company what exactly it is that I do – and more importantly, what I DON’T do. There are lots of misconceptions about internet research and sourcing and I am challenged with making sure people understand what the job entails and how we actually go about doing our work.


7. Do you have any advice for someone who is interested in internet research, but doesn’t have a background in it, on how to get started in this field?
Yes – the best thing to do, in pretty much any situation where you don’t have a background in a particular area of interest, is to look for the people who’ve become SME’s in it, and learn as much as possible from them. Read what they write, observe whom they follow or are mentored by, and LISTEN. Worst thing someone can do when trying to learn a new trade is to talk a lot – you aren’t learning anything new when all you hear is your own voice. With research specifically, it’s important to understand the basics – learn Boolean logic, and have an understanding of the industry in which you wish to work because knowing the industry will help you figure out where the people who work in it ‘hang out’. Be a sponge!


8. If you could rank for any keyword phrase you don’t currently rank for, what would it be?
I think I would have to go with Staffing Social Media Specialist


9. Assuming you had never gone into internet research, what would you be doing now (professionally)?
I was slated to return to school to pursue an MBA back in 2001 – not sure what I was planning to do with that but my original plan was to get a Masters in Physical Therapy and go into sports therapy. In all likelihood I would have been working in marketing or sales at a pharmaceutical company, or I would have gone into full-time mission work.


10. Do you have any interest in politics? (or what’s Your favorite professional sports team and why?)
 I do – I followed this last election much more closely than any other. I voted for the other guy 🙂 and I hope the PEOTUS makes good on the many promises he has made to the American people – he has set himself up for a very difficult task and I think expectations of him are quite unrealistic. However he seems to have been able to create some unity and excitement around the Presidency again. My fear at this point is that we will start relying too heavily on the government to take care of things which should be our own responsibility, and as a result the incentive to produce and excel in the United States will diminish. I do not want to see that happen.
On a lighter note, my favorite sports team is the Florida Gators, since that is my alma mater. It’s been a blast living here in the land of the Buckeyes and being a Gator for the past couple of years!


A big thanks to @MelaniePhung for sending the questions for all to answer.


Thanks to everyone who participated. Please check out their sites and follow them on Twitter. 
@almacy a Digital Strategy Expert
@melaniephung a DC SEO Strategist
@martinbowling a lover of Zima
@utahseopro a Utah SEO Consultant
@fairminder who offers Boston Website Design and SEO services
@cyandle a Google Adwords Professional
@melanienathan an Edmonton SEO specialist
@jackleblond a VP of Internet Strategy
@djpaisley a Digital Communications Strategist
@vinceblackham a Utah SEO specialist
@researchgoddess a Staffing Social Media Specialist
@monicawright a Maine SEO professional  

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