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Thank-You’s For Recruiters
December 24, 2008, 10:07 am
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Merry Christmas – I was excited to see this article from John Sullivan in ERE this last week. The job of a corporate recruiting professional so often is a thankless one. Folks are quick to forget when things go well and quick to remember when things don’t go quite right when it comes to our jobs. Most of us stay in recruiting because we enjoy helping people, not for the praise and admiration 🙂 Below is part of Sullivan’s ERE article – I encourage you to read the whole thing:


Corporate recruiters are certainly not the most praised employees in any firm. During tough times they are laid off in numbers, and even during high growth, blame is frequently heaped upon them for not producing miracles.

While external third party recruiters at least have a chance of making “big bucks,” corporate recruiters all-too-often can only be classified as under-paid and under-appreciated.

Given that it’s the holiday season, now would be the opportune time for recruiters to receive thank-you cards from the many people they’ve helped throughout the year. Unfortunately, the majority of recruiters won’t actually receive one, but if you did, here’s what I hope it would say.

A “Christmas card” from a grateful new hire…

I just wanted you to know that you are my hero!

The Christmas season is an ideal time for me to say thanks to the people who made a difference in my life. Specifically, I want to thank you, “my recruiter” for…

  • My job. No need to be subtle here, I owe you big time. I have a great job and a paycheck because of you. Because you recognized my talent and guided me through the hiring process I am no longer under-appreciated by my former firm or worse, unemployed. Both my family and I are happier and more secure thanks to your hard work and trust in my ability.
  • You were the face of the company. Applying for a job is a lonely task that is full of uncertainty, but you were my first and primary contact. Rather than being an adversary, you treated me like someone who was “special” (maybe you treat everyone that way but honestly, I felt like I was the only applicant for the job). You were always there when I had a question and you skillfully calmed me down so that I could perform at my best during the hiring process.
  • Finding me. Thank you for finding my name in the boundless confines that make up the internet. Your ability to search out details about me and learn my interests from dozens of sources was exceptional. You found me for the perfect job when no other firm did.
  • Encouraging me to apply. If it were not for your strong convincing skills, I’m not sure I would have ever taken the time to apply.
  • Sorting. Your superior sorting skills found traits, experience, and potential that others might have overlooked.
  • Coaching me. Thanks for helping me through the hiring and interview process so that my strongest attributes came through for all to see. Even though my interview skills were a little rusty, you were my champion and coach. Even when I got discouraged, your help and enthusiasm kept me going. Incidentally, even if I didn’t succeed in getting this position, I would have felt more confident looking for other positions because of the advice and guidance you gave me.
  • Offer help. You probably knew that I was nervous and uncertain after the final interview. Your exceptional sales skills convinced me to accept your firm’s offer, even though I had others. I also felt that you acted as my “champion” and your honesty and openness convinced me that you did your best to ensure that the offer I received was highly competitive and fair.
  • Onboarding. You could easily have moved on after I accepted your firm’s offer but instead, you are still available when I have questions. When you showed up and welcomed me on my first day and made sure that I got up to speed rapidly, you once again proved that you were more interested in my success than in just filling a job.

Because of your professionalism and caring, I now go out of my way to tell colleagues at other firms that this firm is a great place to work, in no small part because of you and the way you treat applicants and employees. Thanks again for all that you’ve done, I’m proud to be your co-worker.

Have a Merry Christmas everyone! Like many of you, I am focusing on time with my friends and family right now, so please stay tuned for regular posting activity following the holidays. May you and your loved ones be safe and enjoy each other during this wonderful time of the year.


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Hope you had a good Xmas, and a great 09!

Comment by Jeremy Pepper

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