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Cool Tool Alert: Tweepler
January 25, 2009, 11:00 pm
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Lots of people have started following me on Twitter over the last month or so – I think my follower count has gone up by at least 200 since the beginning of December! Ronkind of a big deal Burgundy would answer that with “I’m kind of a big deal” – however, I don’t think so 🙂 It just means that more and more people are starting to see some kind of value in Twitter.

There are easy ways to start following large volumes of people – tools like Mr. Tweet and Twitter Karma, for instance – but what’s available to make sense of things when you start getting followed by lots of people?

tweeplerlogoThat’s where Tweepler comes in! Tweepler is “a much needed and more intuitive way of processing your Twitter Followers.” How does it work?

“Tweepler acts as a Twitter utility to process new Followers quickly and easily. The application consists of 3 areas that we call “Buckets” The first “Bucket” is the Unprocessed Followers “Bucket”. This shows you a listing of all the new people that have started Following you that you have not currently categorized. The other two “Buckets” are the Follow “Bucket” and the Ignore “Bucket”. The Follow “Bucket” is where you put Unprocessed Followers that you have decided you wish to Follow back. The Ignore “Bucket” is where you put the Unprocessed Followers that you do not wish to Follow back. We have found that by creating this Ignore “Bucket” organizing your Twitter followers becomes a much more painless task than if you do this through the website.”

“Ignore” does not mean you block an individual – this is just for organizational purposes. But if anyone has a ton of new emails with “so-and-so has started following you” and is tired of having to click on each link to read the user’s bio to see if they should be followed back or not, this is a great tool. Looking at the screen-shot of my Tweepler, you can see that the bio is right there so you can easily determine whether to follow back or ignore, and hovering over a photo of someone in your Follow column brings up their Twitter name and real name:

Tweepler screenshot

BONUS COOL TOOL for recruiters, sourcers, and researchers:

This is a quick way to source your Twitter followers too! I have been looking for a way to extract information from Twitter bios quickly, and though it’s a manual method, you can highlight the information and drop it into an Excel spreadsheet and use the Sort functions to align the data columns appropriately for Name, Location, and Bio. It’s worth the time if you’ve found value in Twitter from a sourcing standpoint like I have!

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Nice to see good posts like this one, Great Info thanks.

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