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The Value of a Strategic Researcher: Information Juggling
February 12, 2009, 12:00 pm
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This post by Tac Anderson discusses something that I hear all the time: “There’s just too much information available.” Quoting Stowe Boyd – “There is not too much information; people just don’t know how to manage it” – Tac discusses the value of a person who is able to handle this task. He uses the analogy of being able to juggle multiple objects of all shapes and sizes.

For a researcher, this proves to be one of our greatest value-add’s to our organizations. With the rise of information available to us though many different media, there is an increasing need to manage it down to digestible levels. As researchers, we are neck-deep in our industry’s information every day. But there’s so much out there that it could literally be a 24/7 job just to take it all in. As a result, one of the most important things we as researchers can do is sift through what’s out there and only return the stuff relevant to our objective or our manager’s needs. We use tools like RSS feed readers and email subscriptions (though this is becoming archaic), sophisticated CRMs, bookmarking resources, and web-based organizational tools to help us make sense of everything that’s coming at us.

In this way, we are those jugglers, and we have to determine what’s noise and what’s signal. We are not just merely data harvesters as some would like to believe of us – we provide much more than that. Our value-add is making the exponentially growing amount of information manageable, relevant, and accessible to our teams in addition to finding great candidates for our positions.


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Hi, Amybeth. What a nice overview of the value of an internet researcher! I’ve been trying to explain internet sourcing/research to our GCHRA recruiting and staffing committee and this post is wonderful. We would love to have you speak about this at our April GCHRA Recruiting and Staffing meeting. E-mail me so that we can discuss further….

Comment by Bonita

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