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Cool Tool Alert: Contxts
March 15, 2009, 6:51 pm
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While monitoring the NCAA Tournament Selection Show this afternoon on Twitter, I saw a passing tweet from Pete Cashmore (@mashable) of Mashable fame mentioning a website called Contxts. I was curious so I went to check it out, and I think this is a really neat tool that we as sourcing professionals can utilize from a social media / Cloud Recruiting standpoint!

Some info on Contxts:

Contxts is so much more than a professional social network. It’s a way to make meaningful connections while out and about. Business cards are so 2007. What with the environment in shambles do you really want to be that guy who is handing out chopped up pieces of bleached trees? We here at think that our site will solve this problem and more. By using SMS, built into every mobile phone, you can easily and rapidly distribute your credentials.

  • Exchange all of your professional information with a single text message
  • Keep all of your professional contacts organized in one place
  • It’s eco-friendly (txt messages don’t kill polar bears)
  • Rid yourself of “old school” business cards
  • Link with other professionals

Essentially, this is a Twitter-like SMS business card. You’re given 140 characters to share whatever information you’d like with those who request it. You can put your name, your email, your blog URL, a phone number, a message, pretty much whatever you want. Colleagues can either send you a request by texting your unique username to 50500, or you can send it to individuals by texting the message “SEND 1234567890” (recipient’s phone #) to 50500.

Even cooler, Contxts will store all the information on those who request your SMS business card. So it builds you a contact list, and for those contacts who have also registered on Contxts, you will have first and last names, phone number, and email address.

Psst….as an added bonus, those of you with smartphones will appreciate this: When someone requests your information, you can quickly either add them to your Contacts list on your phone, or find them. I have an iPhone and it instantly tells me who has requested my info. So – instead of having to hunt down the information, the combination smartphone and SMS business card makes for quick contact list recognition/building for your mobile.

How can this be a helpful tool for recruiting? Well, considering you can make your “business card” say whatever you want, imagine the possibilities! You can use this to engage your online communities in a simple “text me for more info” manner. For example: let’s say that right now your biggest priority is finding a PR Manager in Chicago. You can request interested parties to text your unique username to express their interest, and Contxts gathers their information for you while sending them a customized message on your opportunity. You could also run contests by using your SMS business card as a way to register contestants, or by sending a message with a URL to the prize site. The possibilities are virtually endless. PLUS – IT’S FREE!! (outside of your standard text messaging rates)

Sounds pretty neat, huh? As someone who doesn’t readily like to share her phone number, I think this is a fantastic way to connect without having to pass out my digits. I decided to test this out and registered myself. To get my SMS card, send “researchgoddess” (without the quotes) to 50500 from your mobile phone and see for yourself. Go ahead – I dare ya! (maybe there’s a special message…)


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You should give Dropcard a try – among other things, it synchronizes personal information with the recipients’ address book.

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