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Cool Tool Alert: ReferYes
May 4, 2009, 8:00 am
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ReferYes is a cool tool particularly for its Source People function. As a whole offering, ReferYes:

“…is a job referral marketplace where a network of sourcers provides recruiters with information about qualified candidates that fit the employer’s criteria for a certain job opening.”

The website’s CEO and co-founder, Rami Madi, and I had a nice chat a couple of weeks ago. I encourage you to check out the additional services for yourself. It seems to be an interesting website and worth your time to explore.

What I want to focus on is the Source People tool they’ve provided. It can be found at the bottom of the page. You can search Google, Yahoo, LinkedIn, Zoom Info, Facebook, or Twitter with this tool. You can also search based on geography, and within the United States, you can narrow your search by city if you want.

The reason I think this is a cool tool is because it helps Boolean students at all learning levels to conduct a fairly targeted web search. Just enter some keywords and you get some results. Of course this is not perfect and it would never replace a live human being, but I think it’s a really great way to learn and refine your own Boolean knowledge. Check out this Google search:


And the results also providing this Boolean search string:

retail sales store telecommunications -VP -vice (intitle:resume | inurl:resume) -submit -apply -free -sample -samples -eoe -job -jobs -”resume service” (30301..39901 | ATLANTA) (GA | Georgia)



Now check it out if I were to do this search in LinkedIn:



And the results, along with the Boolean search string:  retail sales store telecommunications -VP -vice ”current * * * Sales” (inurl:pub | inurl:in) -intitle:answers  -inurl:groupinvitation -inurl:cap -inurl:static -intitle:updated -intitle:blog -intitle:directory -inurl:jobs -inurl:companies ”Greater Atlanta Area” ”Retail”



Same search, using Yahoo:


And the results, with Boolean search string:

retail sales store telecommunications -VP -vice ATLANTA Georgia, GA (title:resume OR inurl:resume) -submit -apply -free -sample -samples -eoe -job -jobs -”resume service”



And finally, let’s test out the Twitter search. You can choose to search for Twitter profiles using Twitter, Google, or Twellow. I’m going to use Twitter search for this example:


Results, with Boolean search string:

retail sales   – –  near:30301 within:15mi


As you can see, the Twitter results aren’t really spot on, so this tells you that results will vary depending on which tool you use. But as an overall resource, I think this is pretty handy. Check it out and let me know what you think – leave a comment!


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