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Cool Tool Alert: TweetParty
May 11, 2009, 8:00 am
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This is a great Cool Tool post because there is direct use for this tool in candidate interaction!

This week, I am featuring Tweetparty, a Twitter app which allows you to direct message multiple Twitter friends at the same time:

“Tweetparty lets you organize your twitter friends into parties and send direct messages to them…With tweetparty, when you login all of the people you are following are download to tweetparty. You can then create as many groups as you would like (ie. work, friends) and select the friends you would like in each group creating the party. Then through twitter you can send a direct message to any party – no setting up other twitter accounts.”

This is a fantastic tool especially for those of us using Twitter from a recruitment standpoint! Why, you may ask? Well, take for example if you have a new job that you’re sourcing for and you want to get the message out quickly, but only to a certain group of people. You can simply create a Tweetparty group of Twitter Friends whom you’d frequently notify about your new openings. Instead of having to individually send them a DM, you could get it all done at once.

To get started, all you have to do is create a group and populate it. Here are a few of the groups I’ve created for myself:

TweetParty groups

Say for example I want to ask some of my recruiting colleagues to help me promote this post. I would simply send a direct message (DM) to Tweetparty with a hashtag (#) in front of the group name, followed by my message:

DM to TweetParty

Of course, I’m a firm believer in personalizing as much of your conversation as possible when dealing professionally with others, but I think this is a fantastic way for us as sourcers to keep any Twitter contacts who might be potential candidates someday informed of our opportunities. This can also be useful in asking a circle of friends to help promote a cause, or a blog post, or quickly inform members of a networking group of an upcoming event. The possibilities are endless.

Only a couple of complaints: I’ve noticed is that if you’re following a lot of people, Tweetparty disables the ability to view profile images. I would also like to see bio information for the Friends list as well; for those of us who are following a large number of people it would be easier to choose people to include in a group if we could quickly scan bios.

Over all, this would seem to be quite a helpful tool for communicating with a large number of people all at once. I suggest giving it a shot!


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very cool. i like this!

Comment by Margo Rose

[…] out events or keep them private and then invite just a select group of people. Couple this with TweetParty and you’ve got a completely Twitter-ized event management process. For […]

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