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John Sumser’s Key Influencers – My Picks
May 13, 2009, 8:00 am
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John Sumser recently posted a call for nominations for the Recruiting industry’s key influencers. He calls out a few specific categories:

  1. Some people go to a lot of conferences and exert their influence through pure networking.
  2. Another group of people spend a lot of time giving talks at conferences and publishing their work online.
  3. There’s a third group of people who, for some reason, have the industry at heart.
  4. The last group of influencers…are customers and practitioners who make the whole thing go around. 
  5. John also specifically called out for female influencers, citing that he “really want[s] to understand why the leadership of our industry is predominantly male while the trench level workers are predominantly female. Of all the places in the world, our business is the last place you’d expect to see that sort of inequity.”

I think this is a great idea, especially to broaden the sphere of influence beyond strict recruiting because there are so many pieces of the puzzle that fit together to make our community a great one. So I encourage you to visit John’s post and leave a comment with your nominations. Here are a few of my own:

  1. Category 1 – Networkers: I nominate Susan Kang Nam. She’s everywhere, and she seems to be well-liked. She’s also an up-and-comer and made quite an impact in a short period of time. 
  2. Category 2 – Speaking/Publishing: I nominate Bill Vick. I love watching his Xtreme Recruiting TV interviews with various industry personalities. I believe he does this to help expose great skills of intelligent people who might otherwise not be recognized. 
  3. Category 3 – Heart of the Industry: I can’t think of a better person to nominate than Susan Burns. She not only cares about our industry and making it great, but also the individual people who make it up. She’s like the industry mom 🙂  
  4. Category 4 – Users: I will nominate Jason Davis here. He has given us so many valuable places to gather and glean knowledge from each other including the old, and
  5. For industry female influencers, I would nominate Leslie O’Connor, she was listed as #89 on Inc. 500’s Fastest Growing Companies for 2008, as well as #4 in the HR Category and #5 in the Women-Led category. 
  6. My own Category – Pure Recruiting: I’m going to nominate one of my all-time favorites Jordan Rayboy, the awesome RV Recruiter. Jordan started in this business as a young 20-something kid and work hard to rise in the ranks of MRI. He continued on to start his own recruitment company and is now living out a dream by working completely remotely from his RV with his wife Jeska. He’s going to be sharing his story at the Fordyce Forum this June.

There are so many others who deserve to be included, such as Amitai Givertz, Glenn Gutmacher, Ritesh Nair, Glenn Cathey, Traci Wicks, Jim Stroud, Suzy Tonini, Jennifer McClure, Michael Marlatt, Marvin Smith, Dan Harris, Dave Manaster, Kris Dunn, Shally Steckerl, and so many others that if I continue on I’ll hurt someone’s feelings by leaving them off.

Visit John’s blog post and leave your nomination today!


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Thanks for putting me on that list.

Comment by Jason Davis

Thanks for taking the time to share your list Amybeth. I learn a tremendous amount from each of these people – as well as you! And thanks for including me too!

Comment by Jennifer McClure

Amybeth, Thank so much for the mention! I completely agree that there are far too many great recruiters in our space to mention. Aside from the names you’ve included, additional “key influencers” that immediately come to mind include Chris Hoyt, Josh Kahn, Geoff Peterson…. Of course, there are many more who are contributing to the knowledge-growth of our industry and making a difference. Cheers!

Comment by Michael Marlatt

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