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Calling All Recruiting and Sourcing Ladies!!
May 30, 2009, 3:33 pm
Filed under: Recruiting, Research

We have some truly amazing women who work in our industry, and I think it’s time to pay tribute! So, I am asking for all of you ladies who work as recruiters or as sourcers/researchers to let me know who you are, because I’m cooking up something fun for us.

Please send me a cool photo of you. It doesn’t have to be professional, in fact it should be fun and depict your personality! If you can send me a picture with JUST you in it also, that would be great. Remember to keep it [relatively] clean – no booby-licious pics or suggestiveness. I’m working on a fun project, but I want to keep it tasteful 🙂

Email me your photo and use AWESOME PHOTO MONTAGE as the subject line. It’s important that you do this because I’ve set up a filter for my email for these pictures so they don’t get lost amongst everything else.

Stay tuned for what I’m cooking up – if I get enough of a response on this request I should be able to have this project done in just a couple of weeks. Pass the word along to all your female recruiting/research colleagues as well.


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