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Cool Tool Alert: 140it
June 1, 2009, 8:00 am
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My Cool Tool Alert this week is 140it (pronounced ‘One-Forty-it’). Having been around since early 2009, this tool will help you condense your tweets into the necessary 140 characters to be sent. No longer will you have to sit there and try to figure out TweetSpeak on your own, or fumble around with going to another site, copy/paste your message, shrink it down, and then go back to Twitter. This neat little bookmarklet can be clicked and dragged right to your browser toolbar!

140it shrinks your twitter messages down to 140 characters by:

  • Reducing words, removing extra spaces
  • Shrinking URLs with unhub
  • Exchanging company names with their StockTwits symbol

Check out their easy instructional video and see how to grab the bookmarklet. It’s as simple as a click and drag to your toolbar:


What you’re lifting from the site is a javascript bookmarklet that will sit in your toolbar. When you go to Twitter and type a message that’s greater than 140 characters, simply click on your 140it link in the toolbar and it will automatically shrink your message for you. Twitter will only shrink your URLs, and that’s only if your entire message, link included, is under 140 characters. Take a look at before the message is shrunk:


…and after clicking 140it in my toolbar:


This tool works with Safari, Firefox, and IE7 and above. Sorry – it doesn’t appear to work with IE6. Take a look and try it out for yourself!


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Hey Amybeth,

Thanks so much for checking out 140it, really glad you like it. We built this initially as a weekend side project, but were very excited at how many folks have found it useful. We’re trying to improve the service, so stay tuned.


Comment by Jim Moran

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