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I’m Moving To Washington State
July 28, 2009, 8:00 am
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Nope, this is not a joke! I’m moving to Bellingham, Washington this coming September… no job changes – still working with AT&T, just going to a new part of the country!

Back in March, I took a trip out to Washington to visit a few people, one of whom is my dear friend Suzy Tonini. Suzy and her husband Ron moved from Bend, OR to Bellingham last year and just couldn’t say enough good things about it, so I wanted to check out what all the buzz was about. Even though I was only there for one day, and it was pretty damp and overcast, I found it to be beautiful, cozy, and some place I wanted to check out again. When I left, I told Suzy that I wanted to come back out in the summertime and see if I still loved Bellingham as much. I visited Washington earlier this month to visit my significant other in Richland and also spent a week working from Suzy and Ron’s place (which by the way has the most gorgeous view of Bellingham Bay and some amazing sunsets!), and confirmed my love affair with the area. I set about looking at places to rent and settled on a cute place just north of Suzy with a gorgeous mountain lake view.

Mountain lake viewThose who know me know my love of the water (I grew up in Southwest FL 15 minutes from the beach), and living in landlocked Ohio for the last 7 years has given me the itch to get back to some water. As much as I love the friendships I have developed in Cincinnati, I feel it’s time for me to try a new place on for size.

I am going to seriously miss the social media community I’ve come to love here in the ‘Nati, but I am looking forward to embracing a new one in Bellingham. To the best of my knowledge, there isn’t a lot going on there right now with regards to social media, so it might be a fantastic opportunity to get something started. I welcome advice from anyone who has been on the ground floor of developing an interest in social media in your cities. I think Suzy and I will have a blast building this in Bellingham!

So, on to the important stuff! Below is a map of the travel route I am planning to take to get out there. It is a daunting trip, covering nearly 2,500 miles, but it looks like it’s taking me through some really beautiful places, including Montana, a state I’ve never seen. I know that many of you live along this route, and if I’ll be cruising through or near your town, let me know and we’ll see if we can meet up! I especially know there are lots of you in Minneapolis – I’d LOVE to get together with all of you on my way through. Let me know how we can make that work…

Research Goddess travel route

I am planning to move at the very end of August, or over Labor Day weekend (1st weekend in September) depending on what my current landlord will allow. Either way, it will be sometime between August 28th and September 3rd. I received confirmation from my landlord that I can stay in my current place until 9/4, so I will be leaving Cincinnati on Friday, September 4th and plan to arrive in Bellingham on Labor Day (September 7th).

For my friends in Ohio, I hope that I’ll get to see you at least one more time before I leave. I will miss this area for sure, but as I still have family here I’m sure I’ll be back to visit from time to time 🙂 And…I hope that some of you will come out to visit me in Bellingham! There is so much to do out there – skiing on Mt. Baker, mountain biking, clamming and crabbing in the summertime, and I have to say that the food is SO fresh and delicious! Plus, it’s located 1 1/2 hours north of Seattle and an hour south of Vancouver (location of the 2010 Winter Olympics!) so I will have easy access to some interesting cities. My door is always open, so please come visit.

I am looking forward to this new chapter in my life – there will be so many new experiences to be had for sure!


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Congrats on the big move! It does look like a daunting trip on that map, but it’s going to be filled with lots of adventure. Take lots of photos and share them with the rest of us!

Best of luck heading west!

Comment by David Mullen

Bon Voyage! The Midwest’s loss will be the Northwest’s gain.

Be sure to take lots of chili with you!

Best wishes!!

Comment by Chuck Clevenger

Hey Friend,

Cool news. Minneapolis will be looking forward to your appearance and we for sure, no excuses, need to get together.

I may have a place for you to stay but that depends on a major construction thing at my condo complex including window replacement. The last thing we want/need is your kitties getting loose.

We can figure it out.

Comment by MN Headhunter | Paul DeBettignies

Congratulations. Washington is a beautiful part of the country. If you have the time, don’t miss Yellowstone National Park. It’s just a quick dip down to NW Wyoming 🙂

Comment by Jonathan

Amybeth, that is so great! I absolutely love Wash state. I came up from San Diego about 13 years ago and I love it much more than San Diego.

The Seattle area has a huge tech and social media center and it is not too far of a drive from Bellingham. Vancouver also has a lot of tech and social media, but I can’t advocate them over the Seattle area!

I love Washington state because the weather is generally mild (not too hot and not too cold). As long as you don’t mind the overcast and drizzle from time to time, it is hard to beat.

You should have a blast here! I hope your move out goes well.

I meet up with Carmen Hudson (PeopleShark) who is here in Seattle. She is one of our rockin regional social media in recruiting celeb! 😉

Annie Rihn (Zillow dir of recruiting) is a hoot. Chris Englin has a blog Dan Hall is also in Seattle ( We have a lot of great people in town.

Microsoft has a great recruiting department and there are a lot of fun people there.

I’ve talked to ex-Jobster people and they are great. I think you will quickly find a lot of friends that share the social media passion.

If you swing down to Seattle after you settle in, we could grab a lot of people and meet up. Throw in some social media, add recruiting, add some beer, and it will be a blast!

Comment by Bryan Starbuck

We will absolutely miss you Amy, but as you know you are not far away at all where we operate!

Comment by Mike McDermott

We’re known for overcast but its been a pretty good summer

Comment by manorlake

I knew it ! Congrats Amybbeth, for sure you and Suzy are going to rock Bellingham, then Wash state then West Coast !! Hooray Hooray !!!

Comment by Sara Chi

We’re certainly going to miss you in Cincinnati, Amybeth. It sounds like you’re getting set up nicely in Washington. Thankfully, the internet has made the world relatively flat.

Comment by Daniel Johnson, Jr.

Amybeth, you are taking the same route my wife and I not that many years ago took, only we left from Indianapolis (don’t miss the tornados, heat waves, blizzards, floods, humidity, etc!) We love this area and with some friends to network and your background, you’ll feel right at home in Bellingham, halfway between 2 world class cities, Vancouver, BC and Seattle.

When you get here, visit the Tourism Bureau at Lincoln and Potter and pick up a lot of area maps and brochures to get really acquainted.
Drive safely!

Comment by Reliable Robert

I am so excited for you! I was in Florida for 24 years. I was nervous to leave but the change of scenery was great and now I would love to try somewhere new. It’s a great time for you at your age and I hear that Washington State is beautiful!

Remember that with the power of twitter and the internet, you are never far away from your friends here in Cincinnati. Heck, I was tweeting with you guys while in Italy! I still didn’t get to formally meet you although I heard about you in one of the CWB meetings and love following your tweets. Good luck out there although I doubt you need that. They’re lucky to have you.

Comment by nearlythebionicwoman


Having grown up in Oregon, I am jealous of you getting to move to the Pac. NW. Once you get settled I’ll intro you to a good friend in the area.

Just a note of caution, I lived in Minneapolis for a couple of years and made that drive. North Dakota goes on for ever and ever and ever and ever. I came back via South Dakota and it’s no better.

Things to see along the way….Don’t miss Mount Rushmore. We stopped by expecting to see a far away mountain with a few faces, wrong, really impressive. Wall Drug is in the middle of ND, it’s the Midwest equivalent of South of the Border.

Yellowstone Park, even for a few hours, see Old Faithful, the Lodge, a few buffalo and maybe a bear or moose.

Once you get there the San Juan Islands are crazy fun, kayaking Puget Sound. Vancouver Island is the newest Napa Valley. Victoria makes you feel like you are back in England.

Have fun,



Comment by Brad Attig

Ah- I’m late for a date here…I’m so happy Amybeth thinks this area is “da bomb”- I pinch myself every day and feel like I’m on vacation due to the gorgeous surroundings.

Yes, us gals will definitely be up to no good (I mean GOOD) in the Social Media realm..stay tuned =]

Comment by SuzyT

Congrats on the big move! I saw one of your tweets today, and just found out. I had to do some investigating to see what was really going on. Hard to believe you are really leaving. I lived on the west coast in ’99 in San Francisco and loved it. Went up to Sacramento to rock climb. Great area. I have heard great things about Seattle and the area. Oh and isn’t that where all the “Big Foot” sightings are? 😉 Best of luck to you and we need to catch up soon.

Comment by Geoff Peterson

Get ready for some cloudy days!

Comment by djplb

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