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Recruiting Is The New Marketing
September 16, 2009, 7:00 am
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I was pointed to this post on The Customer Collective blog on Monday about how HR is the New Marketing – hooray!! I’m so glad to see that others are recognizing the importance of marketing in HR – and I would say, equally as important, in Recruiting. I think recruiting and HR work hand in hand in marketing employment with a company because in recruiting, we attract talent, and HR is responsible for retaining that talent.

I wrote a post last year discussing the different hats that we recruiting professionals wear in our daily duties, not the least of which is Marketing. We are front-line representatives of our respective companies. Don’t you feel it’s important to know a thing or two about generating interest in a product (employment with our company)?

In the article, author Augie Ray outlines some things that can help with this new “marriage” of HR and marketing. The ideas he throws out will help not only with HR professionals embracing their inner marketer, but also with internal education and preparation of employees who are also becoming new channels for marketing (not to mention recruiting!):

  • Personality testing for all new employees
  • Selection criteria for all social communication roles
  • Brand training (this one is so important and so often is either just assumed, or simply overlooked)
  • Setting expectations internally
  • Monitoring & feedback

The sooner that we as recruiting professionals can accept the fact that we play a marketing role within our organizations, the sooner we can recognize our need for training in this area to do it properly. Let’s make sure we are being good stewards of our brands and embrace our inner marketer.

Read Augie Ray’s whole article here: HR is the New Marketing and Employees are the New Media


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Amybeth, good blog posting…we’ve seen over the last year that people are starting to understand that recruitment is becoming a specialized marketing role. More than ever, with the rise of social networking sites like twitter, facebook, linkedin, etc…companies need to more than ever start building relationships with candidates.

As an FYI, my company focuses on providing a recruitment marketing platform to greatly simplify this process…you can read more about it here:

Comment by elixirmike

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