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Un-Social Recruiting
December 8, 2009, 7:00 am
Filed under: Networking/Social Media, Recruiting

<insert cliché social media platitudes here>

  • Social = marked by friendly companionship and outreach with others
  • Recruiting = seek to employ

“Social recruiting” means you’re seeking to employ people through friendly companionship and outreach 🙂 Last I checked, this wasn’t accomplished solely on LinkedIn or Facebook.

So, what would un-social recruiting be? My guess would have to be the still-ever-popular post ‘n pray method. Not much social about that. Sad to see so many ‘recruiters’ out there relying heavily on this unsociable method of getting candidates.

Just sayin’.


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It’s interesting, because what do companies have to lose by getting more into “social” recruiting? It might take a little more manpower to do effectively (as opposed to the Craigslist/ post), but it provides a better chance to screen applicants … and for them to screen you.

Comment by Alexis

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