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The Social Media Geeks NCAA Tournament Pool
March 9, 2009, 8:30 am
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Once again, it’s March Madness time – and I’m hosting a Tournament Pool again for all you geeks out there who want to participate! Get ready – March 17th is approaching quickly!

Sadly, doesn’t look like my beloved Gators will last long this year, but at least they’re (most likely) invited to the Dance.

So, if you’d like to participate, you can sign up here – the group ID is 30220 and the password for the group is twitterrules. The buy-in is only $10 and winnings will be distributed to the top 3 brackets: 50% to the 1st place bracket, 30% to 2nd, and 20% to 3rd. Please notify me when you’ve registered your bracket to pay for your buy-in. I will be accepting PayPal payments for this.

Who’s your top pick this year? Will Pitt keep being a big spoiler, or will they be stopped by this year’s Cinderella team? Hope to see you in the Social Media Geeks tournament pool!


Nominate Someone for a Shorty!
December 11, 2008, 6:00 pm
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The Shorty Awards have been a hot topic on Twitter over the past few days. So, what are the Shorty Awards?

“The Shorty Awards honor the world’s top Twitterers. You can nominate as many people for as many categories as you’d like until midnight December 31st. ”

  • To nominate someone for a Shorty Award, send a tweet similar to this: @shortyawards I nominate @researchgoddess in category #business / #pr / #recruiting because… (but write something of your own). 🙂
  • The text of the tweet is completely up to you. As long as it contains @shortyawards @someone #category you can be as creative with the rest as you like.
  • You actually have to write something. Just submitting the default tweet doesn’t count.
  • The five people with the most nominations in each category will go on to the final voting round, held January 5th to 14th.
  • There will be an awards ceremony in New York in late January, where the winners can deliver their 140-character acceptance speeches.


  • You can nominate people for any category you can imagine. We’ll eliminate categories that don’t have enough nominees and add categories that become competitive.
  • You can’t nominate the same person more than once for the same category.
  • You can nominate yourself, but beware, you might win the #egocentric category.
  • Only one person and one category per tweet. If you want to nominate someone in multiple categories, you have to send multiple tweets.
  • Corporate and personal Twitter accounts are eligible for any category.
  • We’ll perform audits to make sure people are not gaming the system or hanging chads. Contact us if you see suspicious activity.
  • Nominations close at midnight, December 31st.
  • Your nominations won’t be counted if your twitter account is private. You nominations must appear publicly.
  • If you change your twitter username, any nominations under your old username won’t carry over.

Props to the folks over at Sawhorse Media as they are the brains behind these awards.

Think about who some of your favorite tweeters are and start nominating them! Remember those with the MOST nominations will move to the next round of voting. And if you can’t think of anyone, I’ll accept your nomination 🙂

NCAA Men’s Basketball Tourney is around the corner!
March 13, 2008, 9:53 pm
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NCAA Men's TourneyThat’s right everyone – it’s time to start thinking about your brackets and who you’re going to be cheering for again. Sadly, it doesn’t look like my back-to-back National Championship Gators are even going to make it into the Tourney this year, so I might have to find another (SEC) team to call my fave 😦 But just like last year, I’ve decided to host a Tournament bracket pool. I’m opening this up to anyone and everyone who wants to play! Whether you’re a researcher, sourcer, recruiter, PR professional, social media buff, or you just stumbled onto my blog by accident, you’re invited. WE WANT YOU! This year, payouts will be in cash as opposed to prizes as I had last year. Reason for this – I just didn’t have time to solicit any prize contributions. However, if anyone wants to donate a cool prize, I’d surely accept it.

 Here’s the skinny on my pool:

  •  Here’s the link to my group – Researchers and Sourcers (group ID#41259 ; password is sourcing08)
  • $10 buy-in, just like last year – I will accept PayPal payment (preferred) or check
  • You must provide your email address when you register so I can send you a PayPal request to accept your payment or you will not be allowed to participate
  • Your payment MUST be received before 12:01am Tuesday, March 18th (Opening Round) or you will be deleted from the pool
  • Your picks must be made before the Tournament starts or you will be locked out
  • The overall pool winner will receive 50% of the pool cash; 2nd place, 30%, 3rd place, 20%… amounts will be determined by the number of folks participating

 Are you GAME or LAME??? If you’re game, go to my Tournament site and get registered! You can’t set up brackets until Selection Sunday has come and gone, but you can get yourself ready. If you’re lame, well…that’s something you’ll have to deal with on your own 🙂 Hope to see many of you participate!

Jimmy’s got the inside scoop on Challenge #1!
March 8, 2008, 12:00 pm
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Just saw this video on Jim Stroud’s blog this morning. Don’t forget that the FIRST SOURCECON CHALLENGE will be going live this coming Monday, March 10th, at 12pm Eastern Time!

Don’t forget to vote!
December 21, 2007, 6:00 am
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Today is the last day for you to cast your vote for your favorite recruiting/research/HR blogs – don’t miss your opportunity to make your vote count! 🙂 2007 Best Recruiting Blog Awards

SourceCon Newsletter….coming soon!
December 9, 2007, 9:00 pm
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…or so I heard! Check it out…..

It’s been whispered through the blogs, wikis, IMs, and discussion groups that SourceCon is getting ready for something new….

Keep your eyes peeled as 2008 begins. New website, new community, and new newsletter!

You asked for it, and SourceCon is bringing it to you:
A resource dedicated to the promotion, education, and advancement of the research and sourcing function.
A monthly news piece to quench your thirst for sourcing knowledge.
The premiere resource for the sourcing community.

Featuring researching tips and tricks, best practices, Q&A, and articles written by YOU, for YOU.

So what is this awesome newsletter called? WE DON’T KNOW YET!

That’s right – SourceCon has a fabulous newsletter ready to bring to you, but it needs a name.
We would like for YOU to name it.
And we would like to reward you for doing so!

To enter the Name the SourceCon Newsletter contest, please submit your entry here.

The top 5 entries will be featured on the NEW SourceCon website (so new it’s not even live yet!) and you will be able to vote for your favorite one there. The winning entry will have the honor of naming the newsletter, and will also receive a prize.

Please keep your eyes on the blogs! More will be available soon.

For additional information/questions, please send an email to SourceCon here.

And the winner is….
December 3, 2007, 7:54 pm
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Announcing the winner of my subscriber contest:

Mr. Bryan Vass, a research analyst with The Richmond Group in Virginia.

Bryan works with a recruiting agency specializing in the bioenergy, food manufacturing, biotech, pharmaceutical, medical device, diagnostic, and managed care areas.

Please feel free to link up with him through LinkedIn – here is his profile.

Bryan will receive the Ghirardelli gift album, valued at $75. I do still encourage everyone to take a look at the other album offerings. These make awesome gifts and people will remember you because of its uniqueness!

Congratulations to Bryan, and thank you everyone who subscribes to my blog. I hope you will continue to read and find value in my postings!